You are going to miss hours with the great games that are released this week

This is an interesting week with several very good looking PC games hitting the market. Above all, it highlights A Plague Tale: Requiem, an adventure type game that aims to have a very good story. In addition, this week it is also launched on the market Gotham Knights, a new installment of the renowned Batman game saga.

It’s certainly quite interesting that most of the big games this week are action games. Also, in most cases they bet on being games with a very interesting story and good graphics. As always, then we will have to play them to be able to evaluate them.

A Plague Tale: Requiem – October 18

This adventure game takes us to a heartbreaking amazing world very ruthless controlled by supernatural forces. We fled from a devastated home, where Amy and Hugothe protagonists travel to the south looking for new regions and cities full of life to start a new life and keep the curse under control.

Hugo’s powers come out again and death and destruction return from the hand of a huge number of rats with great voracity. Something that forces them to flee again in search of a promised island where the answers to save Hugo are hidden.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – October 18

This video game franchise returns with a graphic design that is quite reminiscent of the Team Fortress 2. This game for up to four players allows fans to not only take control of a Ghostbuster, but also a ghost.

Players are allowed to create their own ghostbusters, In addition, we can also create a ghost at our whim. It is a first person game if we are a Ghostbuster, while if we are a ghost we will play in the third person. The ghosts have the simple task of terrorizing everyone by making different noises and controlling objects, while the Ghostbusters will have the mission of capturing them, damaging them and calming down the hysterical masses.

Although the game offers asymmetrical gameplay, players can also choose to fight against ghosts that will be controlled by AI.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection – October 19

We now turn to the remastering of the mythical uncharted saga lhurled in the PlayStation 4 console. It simply suffers from an improvement in terms of graphics compared to the console version, without further ado. The story stands.

Second Extinction – October 20

Let’s go now with a cooperative shooter for three players which has a dinosaur theme. We will have to face powerful mutant dinosaurs, which have taken over a distant planet. Teamwork to defeat these dinosaurs is critical, as a combination of weapons, skills, and techniques are required to kill them.

Gotham Knights – October 21

The mythical saga of Batman games returns with a new installment that promises a lot. This action game from the Batman universe features several of his most mythical allies and partners. We must fight against organized crime and great villains in a practically dead city. we will drive to Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood or Nightwing in an open world where cooperation will be critical.

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