Why do PlayStation games run worse on PC?

When we say that the games of PlayStation on PC they work worse than on console, we are not referring to games from an emulator or executed from its PlayStation Now service, but to those created by PlayStation Studios. These titles were exclusive to their video game consoles, but recent policy changes have brought them to PC to create an additional revenue stream for them. However, the lack of optimization of these titles for our favorite platform has aroused the indignation of users. Why is this happening?

The years when console circuitry and components were alien compared to PC hardware. To this day, only the Nintendo Switch continues without following this trend and still uses a chip designed for mobiles. Instead, PlayStation and Xbox today literally use PC architecture, so converting games and getting them to work with good performance shouldn’t be a hassle. However, we find that many times the conversions from console to PC do not perform as they should.

Why do PlayStation games on PC run worse?

Let’s be honest, PlayStation 4 is nothing more than a 2013 PC with significant performance deficiencies due to the integration of the various components and the same can be said of PS5 regarding 2020 hardware. It does not make any sense from the point of view technical that to run games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, God of War or Spider-Man we find that we end up needing much more powerful hardware than it would really be needed. While it is true that the optimization factor comes in here, enough time has passed for the performance of the games to be greater. What’s more, today’s graphics APIs are so close together that porting code from one to the other isn’t a hassle.

God pf War PC

The grace of the PC versions of a game is that they are technically superior, we know that not everyone has the ideal computer to do it, but if the PlayStation games on PC do not have that value then we have a problem. Of course, the games do have graphical settings above those of the consoles, but for this we need to have a much more expensive system than the one needed by leading games like Dying Light 2 for example. Why is this happening? Well, because of the fact that SONY is interested in you buying their console to play and not a computer. They already declared a few years ago that the PC is a rival device when it comes to playing games.

Why doesn’t Microsoft have this problem?

So the answer to the question is purely political and the vision of the Japanese company is different from that of Microsoft, let’s not forget that Windows is Microsoft’s main business and it is in the interest of those in Redmond that their operating system and console Xbox go hand in hand. In other words, they don’t lose if you decide to opt for one system or another, which is what happens with SONY.

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