What is the best graphics card to play Minecraft with Ray Tracing?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of the last decades, so much so that it has become a true social phenomenon with tens of millions of players. In addition, it has crossed the barriers of the ludic and has become a platform in itself. On the other hand, ray tracing is the future of graphics on PC. What is the best way to enjoy ray traced minecraft?

Let’s be honest, Minecraft doesn’t stand out for its graphics. This is because these are not generated in a normal way, but by using a technique that is in disuse today, but was very famous in PC games in the early 90s: the Ray Casting. If this sounds strange to you, we will only say that it is the same technique used in the classic Doom and that it could be defined as a primitive form of ray tracing. Where a light source is not emitted on the object, but simply the object returns a color value.

How to run Minecraft with Ray Tracing with maximum FPS?

Under Ray Casting, the color values ​​to simulate highlights and shadows are achieved by slightly modifying the base colors. In any case, it is an excellent algorithm to make it evolve visually. That is why as soon as the NVIDIA RTX hit the market, the clear goal was to create a version of Minecraft with Ray Tracing. Of course, this implies the use of a powerful graphics card. What is the best option we have at hand to run Minecraft in such conditions?

Since 2020 we can enjoy Minecraft with Ray Tracing, specifically in its version optimized for your NVIDIA RTX 20 and RTX 30 graphics cards. Therefore, the code of said version is optimized for said brand of graphics cards. Let’s not forget that the AMD RX 6000, despite also supporting ray tracing, opt for a different way of working. Which gives them a disadvantage compared to the optimized version for their direct rival.

Minecraft with RTX

On the other hand, we have to take into account that Minecraft with Ray Tracing needs excessive power, which we could consider at least several orders of magnitude compared to doing it with the original game. So the game will benefit from image scaling techniques like NVIDIA DLSS to get a much higher frame rate. So let us not be fooled by the simplicity of the graphics, just like Quake 2 RTX, Minecraft with Ray Tracing is fully rendered using ray tracing. So it doesn’t use hybrid solutions as it happens in other games.

If we want to run Minecraft with Ray Tracing at a 1440p resolution and a quality of 8 chunks we’re going to need a NVIDIA RTX 3080 to exceed 60 FPS, but with the DLSS active we can reach 143 FPS. In the event that we choose a RTX 3070 like our graphics card, so without the NVIDIA AI scaling algorithm we go to 53 FPSbut with this one goes to the 111fps. On the other hand, AMD cards give frame rates close to 30 FPS, so they are not the best graphics cards for it.

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