Wait times to play in Overwatch 2 are growing, and now it’s not the servers

the launch of Overwatch 2 it is being quite stormy since, despite the days and weeks that go by, Blizzard’s title keeps making things too difficult to players who have made the leap since the first installment. And that the thing seemed simple because the business model adapted for the continuation is to offer it for free, something that when we talk about those from Irvine, many think that it is not a very positive detail.

One controversy after another

The point is that again Overwatch 2 is in the eye of the hurricane due to problems that affect the players: first it was the servers, which caused huge access queues that forced us to spend hours waiting to have a guaranteed slot and, later, the system of rewards and missions that we had to complete to have access to items of a certain level. A claim that Blizzard always uses to economically squeeze all its players. Here are the examples of Heartstone but, above all, Devil Immortal.

The fact is that today’s problem has nothing to do with the queues to access the servers or the draconian economic system of the game that forces us to go to the cash register and leave us the month’s salary in purchases… but in another detail that is putting the community of Overwatch 2 on the warpath: the time of creation of games, the matchmaking that is eternalizing because of an element that surely Blizzard never took into account.

As you know, these cooperative team games like Overwatch 2 are based on a system of teams that, in order to function, they must have the presence of the different classes of characters: there must be tanks that withstand the greatest amount of damage, others (the DPS) that are responsible for causing it and, obviously, also the so-called supportwho are in charge of reviving those players who are fighting in the front line of battle.

Well, the problem that has arisen now is that Nobody wants to play the role of support and of course, when it’s time for the game to do matchmaking to create predefined groups… because the players find that the entrance to the games takes forever until someone appears willing to adopt that role.

Queue of predefined roles

These problems were, for many players, sung because from the beta they already warned that the default game mode, that is, the one in which Overwatch 2 requires that each team of five members have a minimum number of classes present (including the support), wasn’t going to work because no one wants to take over the support role. In other words, few are willing to stay behind and recover the lives of those who are later in the fray.

as we say, the community already reported this problem but now Blizzard must decide what to do, because the characters in charge of this role (Ana, Kiriko, etc.) are not getting through among the players who, for the most part, come from the first Overwatch with a very specific role and tending to repeat the heroes they already know. and none is support.

So now you know, if you want to speed up the access queue to the game in the predefined role mode, get support. Or not?

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