Vampire Survivors is only worth 4 euros: what does it have so that everyone is playing it?

There are paranormal phenomena that science is unable to explain. Also, if we look at the skies we find Unidentified Flying Objects, also known as UFOs, that do not have a clear justification. And, of course, in the world of video games there is also a paranormal leg, one of those that lead to success titles for which no one would have bet a single penny. Is it the case of vampire survivors?

8-bit looking vampires

This strange phenomenon of video games (it is available on Steam for just €4) has a first and only culprit: a programmer named Luca Galante who is the one who had the idea of ​​creating this vampire survivors that resort to that nostalgia that gives us see pixelated graphics in the style of the old 8 and 16 bit consoles. That’s where its spell begins, but there are other elements that make it tremendously fun and, above all, addictive and that have led it to lead the top most played titles on platforms like Steam Deck.

Surely many of you have already heard about this vampire survivors because has been available in early access format for almost a yearsince December 2021, although it was not until October 22, 2022 when it really starred in its final release, with the publication of patch 1.0 that we can already consider it as the first of all releases available, completely stable and with the content catalog originally designed by its developer.

Now, what does it have so that everyone wants it and is among the 50 most played titles on Steam? Well basically its simplicity, which does not require more than a few seconds to understand what it’s about and soon hooks us with a dynamic that will sound familiar to you from other releases that have become great successes: “they killed me!… never mind, one more time”.

You don’t even have to shoot

The game puts us in the shoes of a hero that we can choose and that moves around a small map which has its limits above, below, left and right, and as we move from one side to the other, hordes and hordes of enemies appear. How do we end them? Well, the first news is that there is no fire button since our character does it automatically and with a very specific cadence.

Vampire Survivors.

So the difficulty lies in mentally calculating when the next shot will be fired (or attack) of our character, and take it into account so that when it happens we are as close as possible to the largest number of enemies, which we will eliminate between horrible pixelated sufferings. Obviously, as we survive on the map we will collect items and elements that will strengthen our character’s attack power until we reach a point where we can finish off not with dozens, but with hundreds of them at a stroke.

Where does your secret lie? So basically in unlocking more and more characters, powers, weapons, items, etc., which turn each game into a completely different experience that is as dynamic and open as it is fun. Because you must be clear about one thing: sooner or later you are going to die and without running the risk of your graphics card exploding.

And the Vampire Survivors requirements?

As you may have guessed, practically a calculator can get this game going since the recommended requirements are summarized in a single sentence:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.

If you want to know the minimum requirements of the PC that can run it, here they are:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • Operating system: Windows 10 64bits or higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (SSE2 compatible).
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM.
  • Storage: 400 MB of available space.

Are you really not going to try it?

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