The Game Awards 2022: we already have the best game of the year and it has swept everything

Well, once The Game Awards gala has concluded, it is time to take stock of all the prizes that have been awarded and the immense amount of recognition that a single title has won that, we can already affirm, It will be one of the most important names in its entire history for the unanimity that seems to have occurred when awarding him some of the most relevant awards. And yes, we are referring to the success of FromSoftware, Elden Ring. Do you know everything that has been taken?

The best game of the year without discussion

It is obvious that there is nothing written about tastes. We are each in a different way and what seems clear and obvious to some about certain types of games, to others it is just the opposite. But within that possible disparity of tendencies, there is always a certain unanimity when we talk about some games Y Elden Ring It is one of them. And this past dawn, in Los Angeles, he has been named the best of the year 2022. Above God of War Ragnarokthe new of Horizonetc.

And, unlike other occasions, This award has not been based only on a simple final recognition as the culmination of a close vote with the rest of the nominees, but throughout the more than two hours that the gala has lasted, it has been seen coming that he would become the absolute winner of the night. And it is that the creation of FromSoftware has not been satisfied with being treated as you from now on, as the best of all those that have come to the market in 2022, but has collected more statuettes.

One of them has been Best RPG, followed by Best Art Direction and, of course, express recognition to the director of Elden Ring that, shortly before finding out what would be the best game of the year, has also fallen to the title of the Japanese. Hidetaka Mizayaki himself has taken the stage of the Microsoft Theater to collect the award.

A year of absolute success

Few can be surprised by the success it has achieved Elden Ring at The Game Awards because since its launch last February it became clear that this was one of the best releasesif not the most, of everything that would arrive in 2022. It is also true that this sensation was helped by its enormous pre-launch campaign, with few accesses to the beta and a chorus of specialized media willing to praise its virtues, creating a broth of cultivation of hype that the users themselves have purchased.

And it is that it has a special merit that a game created to suffer, to die hundreds of times and which, in theory, is not for all audiences, has finally been so recognized and exalted in what is the most important video game award ceremony in the world. A thermometer that says a lot about where the industry is going and that, in this case, has surrendered with weapons and baggage to the charm of a title that, indeed, is special, but is not for all audiences.

Even so, and unlike other editions of The Game Awards, it seems that there is little doubt of the justice of the prize for the best game of the year. Don’t you think?

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