The best PC to play Elden Ring without fail is the Steam Deck?

One of the problems with conversions from console to PC is that they are usually poorly optimized, in some cases it is related to performance and in others it is due to minor bugs that tarnish the gaming experience. The bugs in Elden Ring for PC are of the second kind, nothing that can’t be fixed with a patch, but unfortunately this has only made its way to the Steam Deck.

If they tell you that Elden Ring does not work well on PC due to performance issues, be clear that they are lying, another thing is that it does not take advantage of the most powerful hardware configurations in terms of graphics cards. However, we are talking about a game that did not think about its conception for PC and that for our favorite platform has received a conversion made in a hurry and with consequences on the gaming experience.

What bugs in Elden Ring for PC hurt the experience?

Elden Ring

If we look at it from the perspective of how a video game should be designed, From Software’s latest game is close to perfection, but a game is a very complex piece that unites several disciplines in a single product. Where it is not perfect is in the technology used, which even on consoles already looks quite outdated and this increases if we talk about the computer version. The consequences? Elden Ring for PC bugs focus on one problem with a very clear cause: stuttering caused by problems with the shader cache.

Console games have the advantage that they do not need a shader cache due to the fact that when using the same GPU they can have the shader programs for the graphics already compiled. On the other hand, on PC you need to compile them at least the first time you play a game. The Elden Ring problem where there are hardly any level separations and everything is a huge block, these compilations are not made during the loading screens when we approach a new area or when starting the game, but they are compiled while we play and go through the scenarios.

This task is carried out by the CPU and it is not exactly light, which leads to jerks we know as stuttering and the thing increases if we take into account that the game for some strange reason the game does not store the shader cache and rewrites it again when we play the game again. What causes the experience with it to be affected. That is why the community is waiting for a patch to solve the problems for Elden Ring on PC.

Precompiled shaders as a workaround, but only on the Steam Deck

Steam Deck precompiled shaders

Valve’s system should have more performance issues by having to run the Proton interpreter that allows Windows games to run on its Linux-based Steam OS. However, the build for the system benefits from the fact that for the game already have precompiled shaders. Let’s not forget that your GPU architecture is RDNA 2 and therefore share ISA with the versions for the Xbox Series and PS5. Thus, users of this device will be able to download precompiled shaders for various games from the same device. With this, the errors of Elden Ring for PC disappear completely and the gaming experience becomes fluid without stuttering problems of any kind.

In any case, the problem is easy to solve on PC, but at the moment we are impatient for From Software or the community to release the patch for the PC version of it.

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