The arrival of Age of Empires on your mobile seems like a good idea, but believe us, it won’t be

Surely it has happened to you at some time: the years have passed, even the decades, and suddenly they announce that one of those games with which you spent a lot of hours entertaining is coming back, so you pour all your hopes of having fun from now on. to relaunch it. But as the classic would say, you are no longer the same and neither is that video game: neither the time nor the circumstances will help you to fall in love again with Age of Empires. Or if?

Age of Empires returns to the future

That is what Microsoft announced to us at the end of last October, when launched a nostalgia operation around some of his RTS (real-time strategy) that became so famous in the 90s of the last century and the first of the 2000s. A moment in the history of PC games where resource management titles, construction of empires and battles.

So no one should suspect the release of a Age of Empires revamped for mobile phones and tablets because the ideas are clear: we manage (at first) a primitive people with very few resources but as we collect and build, we open the doors wide to the foundation of an entire empire capable of subduing all peoples who live around us.

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Age of Empires


Experience the power of an empire in the palm of your hand and command your armies with the touch of a finger.

Age of Empires Mobile is coming. #AoE25

October 25, 2022 • 19:22



on paper Age of Empires Mobile shouldn’t scare anyone because all its elements seem clear from the beginning. Specifically since the first of all arrived in 1997 and until the last one just a year ago. So do we have anything to fear from this new game from Microsoft?

An Age of Empires free 2 play?

Effectively. The franchise is in place. Its development too, aligned with the classic RTS concept -although we hope that some things that have become fashionable in recent years will be added- but, unfortunately, it seems increasingly clear that Microsoft is not going to adopt a traditional marketing strategy, with a single purchase price to have everything in our hands and complete everything based on spending hours and hours.

Age of Empires Mobile smells from afar free 2 play, A cuartos that sooner or later forces us to go through the box to end up spending many times more than what could have been its closed purchase price. If those from Redmond choose this path, the desire of users to want to play it as it was done in the old days will have been destroyed, passing map by map within a campaign or, in the worst case, on an open map where the only objective it was to defeat the other peoples. We suspect that there will be items to open phases, limited resources that will push us to the real money store to acquire a simple barracks and the like. Maybe time acceleration to build infrastructure?

We are aware that the market has changed and that the free 2 play It’s a fever that has come to stay but that is not why those of us who knew the origin and evolution of the franchise should stop complaining about the distortion suffered by sagas that have been everything in the world of videogames and that have ceased to be videogames to become services that, when they take their servers offline, they say goodbye forever.

And if not, they are going to tell those who are suffering in their flesh that Devil Immortal by Blizzard.

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