Superfuse: this is Diablo if he liked comic aesthetics

We have a season in which the ARPG genre has explodedwe imagine, taking advantage of the fact that Blizzard always takes its time with new releases already Diablo IV We have not had him on the radar until very recently. So companies like Stitch Heads Entertainment have seen the open sky to try to sneak their bets into us, as is this Superfuse that has been waging war since December 2022.

A classic concept and, original?

Superfuse It is a game that technically arrived on January 31 at stores like Steam but, in reality, They were already dragging a particular process of early access in which it still stands. You know, the perfect excuse to continue making mistakes and that those who have already paid to enter our development forgive us with a better face than if one day is designated as the day of its final sale.

as we tell you, Superfuse It is such a classic ARPG that just touching it will remind you of the same ideas it shows Devilor Wolcen, and even the first two torch light. A series of dungeons infested with enemies and a character that we can level up and customize their skill tree with each experience point we collect in combat. In total, we will have three different classes, although we hope that the list of profiles will expand in the near future.

The rest you probably already know very well: enemies everywhere, a story that serves as an excuse to go out and clean everything and, yes, an aspect that is closely intertwined with the nature of the protagonists that, in case you had not detected it, they are superheroes. Some with a lot of retranca and too much sense of humor.


Change your hero’s genetics

One of the pillars on which we want to support this Superfuse it is in the protagonists, some superheroes that not only level up like practically all heroes that we find in any ARPG, but we can modify its DNA to add certain superpowers exclusively. There is no single path by which to improve them all according to their class, but it opens in infinite directions allowing us to obtain a different superhero each time.

If you remember the old MMORPGs City of Heroes either City of Villains, it is a similar process, with options to add superpowers (super strength, speed, etc.) and go configuring a character that has nothing to do with any other that we start later. And the truth is that this point makes Superfuse a varied game that improves even the formula of titles as established as the Devil from Blizzard.

And for the end we are going to leave the graphic style. Superfuse resorts to a total comic book lookwhich leaves in the air a smell of borderlands that stinks (in a good way) and that suits him very well to differentiate himself from that realism that many developers incur to create their ARPGs. So remember, if you are diablerosthis game can also serve you to quench your thirst until June 6, when the fourth installment of the legendary Blizzard franchise lands on

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