Steam Deck has been a success for Valve and this detail confirms it

Steam Deck will make a year later this month that began to reach those who reserved in the second half of 2021, and what seemed to be an adventure that would lead nowhere seems to have signs of consolidating within the universe by Valve. Your PC consolidated has easily exceeded one million machines sold and now those of Gabe Newell want to harmonize all the versions of their digital store. Do you know how?

PC laptop creates school

The launch of the Steam Deck brought many challenges and one of them had to do with the software. Valve opted for a Linux installation and decided to split the boot of your machine in two. On the one hand the desktop version of SteamOS and on the other the consolidatedwith menus through which we can navigate with the sticks and buttons on a gamepad without having to resort to a keyboard and mouse.

That forced Valve to design a simple interface that was useful for the players, something that caused many of the console buyers to ask the North Americans that the same idea that they had embodied in Steam Deck be offered in the desktop application. , on all our computers, thanks to a Big Picture mode that followed those SteamOS lines.

Well, the news that we have received in the last few hours is that the fans can now stop asking for it because Valve has fulfilled his wishes and the Steam desktop app’s Big Picture mode will soon be a branch (visually speaking) much like Steam Deck.

Steam Big Picture.

The update soon

As Eurogamer has revealed, Steam’s Big Picture will now be much more similar to the home screen that we find when turning on our Steam Deck, in such a way that if you are already a PC user consolidated you will know very well where to go to configure the controls of a gamepad, the profiles of a game or how to add favorites from your library and have them at hand to start them.

The update is currently not generally distributed to all Steam users, but rather has been released within the beta channel where these things are tested, so we will still have to wait a few weeks until Valve decides to hit the launch button. Still, if you’re one of those who already has a Steam Deck on your hands, it won’t go without saying too much about what you can expect from this revamped Big Picture from the digital store.

remember that Big Picture was released 11 years ago as a way to expand Steam with a look consolidated to other devices beyond the PC. Valve’s idea always involved conquering Smart TVs as well and, thanks to the game in streaming (within our own home), take our library to other rooms in the house. So this commitment to revamp its interface and make it friendlier and more popular thanks to the success of Steam Deck is a detail that we cannot miss. Don’t you think?

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