Soulstone Survivors: the latest hit on Steam that takes advantage of the trendy game

It is enough for a company to hit the nail on the head and develop a video game that breaks it without anyone knowing why, and then a whole legion of competitors appear trying to take advantage of that pull. If not remember the moment in which MOBAs became fashionable, as dota 2, League of Legends, etc. or now with Vampire Survivors who gets imitators like this Soulstone Survivors.

The formula roguelike it improves

This being the case, we cannot accuse all those who arrive of simply copying, because the truth is that in most cases they tend to innovate in some aspect that makes them a little more unique. It is the case of sprout (of which we have already spoken) or of this Soulstone Survivors that takes the formula a little further than the other two titles that have stood out the most in their tough battle with Vampire Survivors which is, for the moment, the one that has reaped the most success.

And why, if you have enjoyed the titles that we mentioned before, are you going to lose yourself in this one? Soulstone Survivors? Well, because of the three it is the one that has best evolved the basic concepts of these roguelike in which our character attacks automatically while we only have to worry about moving all over the screen and, from time to time, choose which powers we want to learn with each new level up.

East Soulstone Survivors opt for a 3D graphic environment, very fashionable and with polygons without textures, only applying colors, but which suits the scenarios through which we move very well. In addition, all the evolution of the character is carried out in a clearer way and almost in the Blizzard style where the usability of each menu does not have strange hidden options and they are just as we see them. What’s more, as if the above were not enough we will have a menu very similar to that of the creators of warcraft in his MMORPG where we can not only see the passive power that we can activate, but also all the countdowns of attack to better calculate the moment in which we are going to attack.

Soulstone Survivors.

Soulstone Survivors in early access

But if we bring it here it is because you have this game ready to enjoy because it has only been on Steam for a couple of weeks in early access at a price of 9.99 euros. An opportunity to try a genre that has made its way in recent times thanks to the sales of games that, yes, copy each other, but together they are making the formula evolve in the face of future competitors.

We don’t know if you’ve already tried Vampire Survivors either sproutabove all, but if you haven’t done it, it’s time for you to experiment once and for all with this genre that is revolutionizing Steam and the community, which Can’t escape the fun of games in which our hero always starts from scratch. And where is the grace? Well, in trying each new variant of a weapon, a power or a buffeo defensive that allows us to survive a few more minutes on the screen, in the midst of the hordes that attack us without rest.

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