Sony corrects one of the biggest problems with its PlayStation Store on PS5

As much as we are to continue buying games in physical format, there is no way to escape from the PlayStation Store, either to update a God of War Ragnarok, the console itself or to try to try before dropping a euro how about it is one of the releases that scares us the most. It has been here, precisely, where the most limped store online of the Japanese who on PS5 it has omitted a section that we had already seen on both PS3 and PS4. Do you know what it is?

It’s finally available

The demos of the games have always been a good way to decide if we spend money on them or not. The problem is that sometimes we do not have control over everything we can play for free since it is difficult to have on the radar all the ones that are published week by week. So, either you go around the store trying to locate them all, or you go to the internet to look for information on whether or not that possibility exists.

Sony seems to have realized, two years later, that the section of demos of games was not present in the PlayStation Store from PS5 and, finally, it has added it together, not only those that are available for the current generation, but all those from PS4 with which it is possible to continue enjoying. This leads to the amount that you will see on your consoles close to 260 references, which you can consult by applying criteria such as alphabetical, price of the complete game, genre or that of more or less recent arrival on the platform.

PS5 Playstation Store demos.

Thanks to this new section you’ll be able to see what you want to play after you’re done your latest adventure, and verify that it is really worth spending what they ask us for it, either to buy it later digitally or physically in a store, which is always a place more likely to find offers and discounted editions, even those of second hand. Overall, as the game may work for you later without problems, it will practically be the same for you to achieve it one way or another.

Where can we visit that section of demos?

Sony wanted that not only in the new PS5 does the section appear demos but you can also find it on the official page through the browser of your computer. Thus, it will be easier to manage the ones you add to your library and even tell the system to start the download even if you are not in person in front of the console.

this section You already have it available also within the Spanish PlayStation Storenavigating through the main page of the store and going down until the module of the demos on the bottom. Once you tap on See everythingyou will access the section where all those titles are located that, as we have already told you, mix both all the exclusive PS5 references and those that the store has dragged on since its PS4 days and that, obviously, you can run within the next-gen.

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