Sackboy: even with the most powerful PC you will not be able to play with it at the top of quality, what is happening?

Sony has gotten a kick out of bringing its exclusives to PC and letting Xbox see how well they’re doing. has happened with God of War, days gone, Spider-Man Remaster, Horizon Zero Dawn either Death Strandingamong others, so now it’s the old man’s turn sackboythe one you will have in mind for the PS3 releases of LittleBigPlanet that were quite an event a little over a decade ago.

Sackboy lands on PC

Well, we already have on PC available Sackboy A Big Adventuree, direct version of the game that arrived in November 2020 for PS5 just in the first days of the platform’s existence. Gone was the character, his role in that old franchise, even his forays into car development (rather karts), to get fully into a really fun platformerwhich took advantage of this technological leap of the new generation of Sony.

So everything looked great to welcome him with open arms on computers, except for one detail: it seems that those responsible for Sumo Digital, who are not suspected of almost always doing very good work, they haven’t tuned this one like they should sackboy so that it performs as it deserves. And we are not referring to those mid-range or low-end PCs that have a few years behind them, but also to the most powerful ones that far exceed what a PlayStation 5 is capable of moving.

Sackboy A Big Adventure.

But, what is happening so that many users are on the warpath? Well, the list of problems seems quite extensive, but the most common complaint is that it does not matter what configuration you have on your computer at home, because sackboy It won’t perform as it should.

Not even with a powerful PC do errors go away

It has been Alex Battaglia, Video Producer at Digital Foundry, who has sounded the alarm by explaining in an article about the problems with which sackboy has come to PC, and that make it impossible for it to run as smoothly like on PS5, even if you have more powerful hardware than Sony’s own console. In his text he acknowledges that the stutter of the game «it affected me almost all my way […] with a jitter effect that makes a 60 or 120fps frame rate feel like it’s running much slower.” Interestingly, this is a bug that does not affect PS5 and results in “an erratic form of camera movement that does not move in sync with the refresh rate of the game.” In his opinion, this problem denotes that the game “is completely broken and affects all PCs, all GPUs […] whether you’re on Windows 10 or Windows 11″.

Of course, there is a possible solution on the horizon, such as limiting the frame rate to 60 or 120 fps, as well as that of the monitor at 60 or 120 Hz. Everything that does not go through fine-tuning this parameter will result in “the stutter of the broken camera will spring into action.” The conclusion is clear: «sackboy on PC have some problem with frame rates variables. In any case, my recommendation is to lock at 60fps or 120Hz with the game’s frame rate limiter and not run unlocked.”

Does the same thing happen to you? Have you been able to fix it?

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