Return to Monkey Island announces its arrival on PS5 and XSX but brings bad news

It was one of the great announcements that we experienced in the first half of the year, specifically in April when Ron Gilbert, the legendary genius behind the great adventures of Lucasfilm Games, announced that we would have a new installment of one of his best known sagas. Return to Monkey Island would come to PC and Nintendo Switch in the first place as a third plot part, and canonical, after LeChuck’s Revenge.

A return to the origins

And so it happened. Last September, on the 19th, arrived Return to Monkey Island, greening the laurels of the old franchise with new adventures of an increasingly tarnished Guybrush, an Elaine who is no longer Governor but is a champion of noble causes and of course LeChuck, in his role as the eternal enemy of the aspiring pirate that all together, or separately, continue to try to get to know what is the secret of Monkey Island.

The fact is that everyone was surprised because the game did not reach home consoles at first. Both PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S were left out and, worst of all, without an announcement of what the approximate release date would be. Now, finally and suddenly, we have found out thanks to the fact that Devolver Digital and Terrible Toybox have made it public. And on top of that we hardly have time to prepare.

Return to Monkey Island Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on November 8, in a simultaneous launch that will have a special surprise for all those who have an active subscription to Microsoft’s famous Game Pass, since it will be available from that very moment for the use and enjoyment of the most adventurous. A really interesting movement that will allow you to enjoy the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood without spending an additional euro.

Return to Monkey Island.

but not all are good news

It is curious that at a time like the one we are in, where due to the scarce stock of new generation machines, publishers choose to launch video games that straddle the old and the next-gen, Terrible Toybos has decided to ignore the arrival of Return to Monkey Island to both PS4 and Xbox One, so these users will have to find an alternative way to enjoy this adventure.

As we say, it does not seem too justified since if there is a game that can work on PS4 and Xbox One hardware, that is Return to Monkey Island, so we don’t really know how to frame this decision made by Ron Gilbert. Yes indeed, in the case of users of the old Microsoft machine, they will have the alternative of the cloudwith Xbox Cloud Gaming, as the game’s arrival on Game Pass ensures that we have that option available.

For the rest, write down the day of the disembarkation of Return to Monkey Island to your PS5 and Xbox Series X | S to enjoy a delivery that has been acclaimed by both critics and audiencesand that many already place it among the best of Lucasfilm Games’ own original franchise.

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