PS5 slim: we explain why 2023 will be the year of its launch

This is a policy that Sony has been implementing in the market for more than 20 years and that consists of giving users a break after the launch of the first model to buy it and later deciding on another more compact, smaller and that lowers its price significantly to accommodate already within what we could consider as the final route of the generation. It sounds weird with the little time that has passed, but PS5 slim will not be an exception.

Operation bikini for PS5

Surely everyone takes it for granted that PlayStation 5 will have a version slim sooner or later (there is even news that points to a launch in the third quarter of 2023) that will hit the market to meet two very specific objectives: update its hardware with more modern and cheaper components, which allow a reduction in size and final price of the console and that, in addition, are usually more efficient and functional than the originals of the model that usually goes down in history with the name of fat.

Except in the case of the first PlayStation, where the entire generation lived with the same design (except for small tweaks in components and features) until the year 2000, when the famous PS One arrived, smaller and with an LCD screen (optional). ) incorporated to be able to take it anywhere. Premiere that coincided, by the way, with the launch of PlayStation 2 in that same year so we would not know whether to consider it a version Slim or not, or simply a cheaper alternative to the then new generation.

Slim versions: a Sony tradition

Now, what arguments can we use to think that 2023 will be the year in which we will see a new slimmer and cheaper PlayStation 5 in stores? well, just we must look to the past to understand that this generation, even despite the exceptions that we have had to live with the pandemic and the subsequent shortage of components, will not be an exception within the plans of the Japanese.

That’s the way it is, PlayStation 2 hit stores in late 2000with a model fat really big that was quickly superseded by the model slim, which landed in stores four years later. Specifically, in October 2004. It was the first time that Sony had done something like this and the business was not bad at all because over time that machine became the best-selling machine of all time.

PlayStation 3 models.

In the next generation, with PlayStation 3, launch a model slim it was an obligation because the original design was so big, bulky, and unwieldy that it cried out for a restyling. that ps3 slim it hit stores in August 2009, that is, three years after the first launch in Japan and somewhat less in Europe. As you can see, Sony continues to shorten the time, although in this case it launched a third model of plasticwith a disc player cover that looked like a bread bin.

And we come to PlayStation 4, which went on sale in November 2013 and in September 2016 it already had a more compact version of the old model. As you can see, four years in the case of PS2, just over three in PS3 and less than three in PS4. Now add the absence of stock of PS5, the supply problems and removing everything: 2023 indicates that it will be the year in which we see losing weight the size and price of the brand new PlayStation 5. Three years after its official arrival in November 2020, an average time that seems to be the one that the Japanese like the most… or do you not think it will be?

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