Only 10% of Steam games support Steam Deck, do you still want it?

To date we have seen many portable consoles trying to make a place for themselves in the market and even compete with the Nintendo Switch. The steam deck console It has achieved an important success and it is to overcome the catalog that the PS4 has. However, by contrast, this assumes that less than 10% of games available on Steam are compatible with this console.

This new console is based on a semi-custom chip by AMD, which ensures that many games work. It would be a Ryzen Embedded processor, a kind of equivalent of commercial processors, but with lower consumption, making it much more efficient.

5000 games compatible with the new Steam Deck

According to Valve, they have developed a program that check which games are or are not compatible with the console. These games must be able to be played smoothly on said console, to receive this kind of certification. The idea is that the user has all the information before buying a game and then it doesn’t work for him.

Valve indicates that they have tested about 7000 games on the new Steam Deck handheld console. According to the company, they have been labeled as “playable” or “verified” approximately 5000 games. This means that it is approximately the 10% of current Steam library.

Labeling a game by Valve as “verified” for the Steam Deck, means that it is compatible with console hardware. There may be minor issues in the game, but it can be enjoyed on said console. Although the problem is not certified, it could be some small drop in performance at certain moments of the game.

Approximately a few 2000 sets have been labeled as “not compatible”. This means that these games do not work on the Valve console due to the fact that it does not manage to reach a good FPS rate. Games not supported include Batman: Arkham Asylum and Bioshock Infinite. Furthermore, among the “unsupported” games there are those who cannot be played with gamepads.

Also note that the list of 2000 games “not compatible” is inflated because it includes all the virtual reality games. Note that the list of “compatible” and “unsupported” games will increase as the different games available on the platform are verified or not.

steam deck compatible games

Despite everything, the Valve console supports many games

A few days ago Valve published the list of most played games on Steam Deck console. This list is very interesting, since it allows us to see the most enjoyed games on this platform and allows us to see that many modern games can be moved. The Elden Ring games, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, and Monster Hunter: Rise are reportedly the most popular. In addition, the classic games Stardew Valley and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are also very popular.

We have to say, on the other hand, that Valve is speeding up the manufacturing of new Steam Deck consoles. It seems that the demand has been higher than initially expected by the company. The company is expected to be able to fill pre-orders during the fourth quarter. Thus, those who have requested the console in advance, before the end of the year, should receive the console.

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