Now that a PS3 costs 60 euros, is it a good buy in 2022?

The PlayStation 3 has always been a controversial console, for some it was a great system and for others it was rather disappointing, since of all SONY’s home consoles it was the least successful. Two generations later we can see units for less than €100 in stores and with the high technical requirements of the emulator, many are considering purchasing said console. Is it worth buying a PS3 in 2022 or, instead, is it a waste of money and time?

The retro market is particular, where the most money is made is through scarcity. Although technologically older consoles are inferior and it seems that nothing can justify the high prices that certain games have reached. In the case of PS3 for some time now, speculators have devastated second-hand stores, taking with them the most interesting and unique titles so that they can speculate on them when the time comes and earn several times what they invested. However, if we are ordinary users, the big question is whether SONY’s third home console is worth it today, especially if we take into account that it is at €60.

Are there reasons to buy a PS3 in 2022?

Well, from our point of view there are none, and we do not say this for free, but there are several reasons for it:

  • If the game had online components then these can no longer be used, since the servers were closed a long time ago.
  • Many games have been ported to PS4 where they work with better quality and frame rate. What’s more, surely your gaming PC currently runs a good part of those games with higher quality than the third generation PlayStation.
  • You have access to a part of the catalog through PlayStation Plus for PC, so if you are interested in playing a specific game, you already know what the solution is.
  • If you have a powerful enough PC you can opt for RPSC3, the console emulator, which is making improvements recently by leaps and bounds.

PS3 models

However, it has its strengths, such as the fact that it is an excellent Blu Ray player for movies at a very low price. As for its catalog of games, you can find real gems at bargain prices that have not run out of steam. Although there are higher versions, you also have to take into account the price.

If you also manage to install the Custom Firmware to be able to use what are euphemistically called “backup copies”, then you can have a good collection of games with which to lose a good time in them. Of course, buy a large capacity hard drive and not an SSD, the console will not take advantage of it. And above all, make sure that the PS3 model you are going to buy is fully compatible.

The control knob problem

Years ago SONY withdrew its PlayStation 3 from stores, so the only way to get it is through the second-hand market and this is where the problems begin. Since you are going to need a replacement for the Dual Shock 3, since for things as simple as accessing the console menu they require it. Although there is a solution for this if you use the 8bitdo skewer, which will allow you to use any controller with the console, including Xbox and Switch.

Dual Shock 3 PS3 console controller

Keep in mind that many of the controllers on the console have been out for several years now and getting one that works flawlessly is an impossible task. Hence the need for an adapter that connects directly to one of the console’s USB ports and allows us to use a more modern gamepad.

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