No one wants to pay to play, something that the Top Most Played on Steam makes clear

There was a time when all PC games were around 50 or 60 euros, practically without exception, and no one considered that things could be sold for less. Furthermore, there was a clear differentiation between releases hitting stores (or beginning to sell on Steam) full price and the ones that ended up on old newsstands selling for $20 or less and were perceived as lower-quality video games.

Mobiles have broken the market

This being the case, those games of just 20 euros were imposed and, quite quickly, some companies took advantage of this change in perception to succeed. In Spain we have the example of FX Interactive, which was one of the first to see what the market trend would be in the years following the beginning of the new century. Although what no one expected was the emergence of smartphones as platforms to play and the radical transformation that they were going to force us to live.

Indeed, with those mobile phones came the so-called free2playnamely, games that we can download without releasing a single euro and that they save all imaginable payments and disbursements for when they already have us hooked. At first those payments were to advance in the game (pay2win) and be able to finish them, although in the case of the PC the evolution was favorable to the player and all those items that it was possible to get by paying only affected the cosmetic appearance of our characters.

The result of this kind is that if we look at the Top 15 most played releases on Steam, we find that about 60% are titles in which it is not necessary to pay a penny to start playing with them. And an obvious sign of the times?

Steam most played.

do you know how many free2play there are?

If we take a quick look at the Top 15 most popular games on Steam, that is, the ones that users enjoy the most and that daily break records for connected players, we will see that nine are completely free so you can enter their official pages right now, download them and start enjoying them. It is the case of CSGO, DOTA2, Lost Ark, apex legends, PUBG, Team Fortress 2, unturned, Warhammer Vermintide 2 Y destiny 2.

The other six that are paid are games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, GTA Online, NewWorld, rust either Naraka. Wait, we left one. Which? Well… you’re going to freak out.

The most amazing thing about the most played list on Steam in recent weeks is that it appears, intermittently among the most popular, a title that is not a video game and that simply serves to create wallpapers for the PC, especially elaborated that yes. In the last week Wallpaper Engine has come to maintain the third position within the digital store, only surpassed by CSGO Y DOTA2although later it has dropped to position 25 and, at the time of writing this article, it has climbed again to eighth.

Don’t tell us why, but there you have it, with its functions to generate animated wallpapers and with many options for customizing colors, 3D models, etc. Proof that users seem determined not to want to pay to play but to get certain cosmetic items that not only affect those free2play that we all have in mind, but also to the appearance of the desktop of our PC.

The thing is that every time fewer users want to pay (at first) to play… don’t you think?

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