Nintendo Removes Videos From Steam Deck Running Switch Games

Nintendo is in a very aggressive mode in recent times and proof of this is the latest thing it is doing with certain users on platforms of all kinds. And it is that the departure of Steam Deck is being a revolution in portable consoles with a PC soul and the Japanese are not doing well at all, to the point of vetoes and elimination of user videos. The last? See running Nintendo Switch games on Steam Deck. What is Nintendo afraid of?

The bargain is running out for the Japanese company, which has not been able to adapt to the new times despite having everything on its face and total dominance of the market with its Switch. Steam Deck has arrived and is destroying everything and everyone with a wonderful Valve strategy that has caught Nintendo on foot and the only solution left is precisely that of the veto.

Outdated, slow hardware and graphics from a decade ago


We agree that Nintendo has long ago left the race for the best graphics behind to focus on other areas and one of them was magnificent: that of a portable console and a desktop at the same time.

But this console has barely undergone improvements, NVIDIA seems to have no intention of spending time and money to develop a chip with iGPU Ampere or at least Turing as such soon despite the rumors of Switch 2 on the way and logically it’s too late .

The game emulation community is once again ahead of Nintendo and this time a user named The Phawx uploaded an illustrative video about the power of Steam Deck and how by emulating Switch it was capable of achieving performance well above that the Japanese console achieved.

Nintendo Switch vs Steam Deck: the veto is the only option


Switch 2, if it ends up reaching the market, will arrive late and badly, despite what Nintendo wants to sell. In the meantime, it has a legion of workers scouring the web for content that it can report and veto for copyright reasons.

This was what happened to The Phawx, who has seen how his video has been deleted from YouTube after Nintendo’s complaint. The reasons are simple: who would buy a Switch if Steam Deck does the same thing, better and faster and on top of that it has many more possibilities?

Well, as soon as the money really reaches nobody in their right mind unless they are a staunch supporter of the brand or simply don’t want to complicate their time a bit. In any case, it is more than likely that the very successful sales of Switch have come to an end and the record will continue to increase, there is no doubt, but at a rate infinitely higher than what the Japanese company was seeing.

Meanwhile Steam Deck is a resounding success, with top-tier hardware and available options that make even PS5 and XSX pale at this point. What is clear is that with these practices Nintendo will not win friends.

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