Nintendo is no longer different and its releases arrive with failures, and that?

Nintendo has always been a small oasis within the video game sector because, somehow, we have linked the Japanese company with that sensation of care and attention that they apply to all their developments to make them practically perfect. Until very few years ago, it was difficult to find titles that were a disaster and they will walk around our consoles boasting of blunders of those that we usually blame on other companies in a greater hurry to bring their creations to stores.

The last two Pokémon, guilty

But there have been two premieres fat of this 2022, those destined to be top sellers at Christmas, those who have hit several reality smacks to their buyers, who They have seen how they reached stores with improper Nintendo failures. It was not a loss of frames here or there, or some little translation error (which luckily there are always very, very few), but more important things with broken animations, the character getting stuck on the stage, crashes, etc.

As you can imagine, the players decided to take the lead and began a campaign of critical messages with the Japanese to make them see that a title like this could not arrive in these conditions, much less when they were behind with their usual guarantee seal. So that Nintendo has picked up the gauntlet and made a decision… ten million copies later, because that is the number they have reached in their first 72 hours on sale.

It is sure that you can imagine what that decision they have made has been and that we could consider platitude. The first thing they have advanced is that They take player complaints very “seriously” and that is why they already have an important patch on the way (1.1.0) that even introduces the pass for the first battle season. With him, it seems, the new Pokemon they will have the performance they should have shown from day one.

you used to be cool

That Nintendo makes mistakes is logical because nobody can escape them, but after a really perfect story, they have ended up succumbing to the dictatorship of the patch. Since we have Switch there is a history of games that have come with small problems. Let’s remember that package to celebrate Mario’s 35 years, with three great games from the franchise that arrived, not just with errors, but in some cases with an emulator that caused quite a few problems with the glorious Super Mario 64.

Even the Nintendo 64 games themselves when they were released with the online service, that they had a lot of problems and had to withdraw them to re-publish them some time later. It is true that these problems are not as widespread as those of other companies and developers, who have a modus vivendi to the limit, but What happened to the last two? Pokemon should alert us to demand that Nintendo, please, not fall into the same thing as others who are clearly showing their desire to start entering as soon as possible.

Why is this happening? Well it goes without saying the speed at which they are thrown Pokemon, that there are practically two a year, or that the developments are getting bigger and bigger and, therefore, more prone to mistakes, something that we have been suffering for a decade since the irruption of PS4 and Xbox One, where they multiplied the delays and arrivals of games with hellish bugs that needed patches to fix.

If Nintendo did not suffer so much then, it was because it was still anchored in a world of releases with smaller and more manageable games in which they moved like a fish in water. But with Switch things changed and it was necessary to take a new leap, go further and get into bigger games, with greater needs and options to end up causing problems. Luckily, that has not been the general trend, but cases like those of these last two Pokemon they leave fans with fear in the body that something like this could become commonplace. Let’s hope not.

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