Intel doubles the performance of its graphics cards thanks to XeSS

Resolution scaling algorithms for video games have become extremely popular in recent years. Since they allow for greater fluidity in games without having to make the hardware more expensive. Which is useful in view of the widespread adoption of Ray Tracing and high resolutions. Intel, which wants to enter the gaming graphics card market, cannot be without a solution. Well, they just received some good news, XeSS implementation in Modern Warfare 2the latest installment of Call of Duty.

When NVIDIA released the first version of their DLSS, the first thing many of us thought was that it was a waste of time to justify their Tensor Cores. The passage of time has proved Jen Hsun Huang right by forcing their competition to implement solutions with the same purpose, such as AMD’s FSR and the case at hand, Intel’s XeSS. Of course, these do not work by magic and require that they be implemented in the code of the games.

XeSS Coming to Modern Warfare 2 for Intel Graphics

That is why the support of the most important titles on the market, those that sell millions of copies, is important. After all, none of the three techniques is implemented automatically by the hardware and developers need to be convinced to do so. Intel’s solution, like NVIDIA’s, is based on Deep Learning, so the algorithm must be trained to learn a series of patterns that will then be executed by the XMX units, analogous to NVIDIA’s Tensor Core.

Xess Modern Warfare 2

It is because of that XeSS implementation in Modern Warfare 2 is a milestone for Intel, which has the titanic task of launching their ARC Alchemist. The sum of delays and continued problems in the drivers are leading them to the path of bitterness. However, among so much bad news in recent weeks, they can finally get a good one.

Well, the fact that the latest installment of Call of Duty is going to have support for Intel XeSS is good news. Since we are talking about a title in which millions of players will play. To this we must add that they cannot afford that their ARC graphics play at a disadvantage, since their rivals can use DLSS or FSR.

However, faith in Intel ARC is limited

And not on our part, since we still have some hope, mostly due to the need for a third participant in the market. The problem for them is that they are still on the market. There is not a single ARC Alchemist on the market with enough power and user adoption to be considered. So it’s very clear that XeSS support in Modern Warfare 2 is an agreement between Intel and Activision-Blizzard.

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