Improve the performance of your PC in Minecraft with these simple tricks

Minecraft is a game that is among the most played every month. The simplicity of graphics is faced with the complexity of the things that we can create and that is why it is so engaging. But it is not really a very optimized game, so we can face various problems on our PC. That said, how can we improve performance in minecraft?

Minecraft is such a particular game that improving performance is a matter of doing a few things that are just as basic as its graphics. There is not much mystery, however, the poor performance of your PC may be due to factors external to the game itself, so we will try to break it all down.

How to improve performance and get more FPS in Minecraft

Well, as we say, there are certain tricks that can improve performance, so first we go with those that correspond to Minecraft itself and then we go with those that correspond to the hardware itself.

Delete Windows temporary files

They are a host of problems, especially between updates of the game itself. To do this, right click on the Windows button, click on run and type:


After that click on accept and what you will see on the screen is a folder with temporary files. We would tell you to look for the specific ones of the game, but that is a task as laborious as it is unnecessary in most cases, so delete any file that exists in it whenever Windows allows it. Normally, if you have any programs open, it is convenient to close them to improve the deletion.

This will partly prevent some game performance issues.


Minecraft Graphics Settings

There is not much mystery here, since there are just a few and very basic settings. What we will have to do once we are in the game is press Escape and enter the video options and then the graphics.

Once there, the options to configure are simple:

  • graphics in FAST or fast.
  • Soft lighting at minimum.
  • Render distance to minimum.
  • OpenGL in Quick.
  • Chunk loading in multi-core.

With this the performance should have increased by some FPS, but we still have to configure the operating system, if it is not already.

Gain performance with Windows

There isn’t much to do here beyond the two available options and beyond the next section on AMD and NVIDIA drivers. The first thing we have to do is defragment the SSD or HDD, and yes, it is necessary in the first ones because the TRIM is activated and this can be part of the problem.

To do this we go to Computer, then to our hard drive where we have the game installed (it should be the same as the OS so as not to have to leave the SATA or PCIe to look for information) we right click on the icon of the SSD or HDD turn, then we give properties, tools tab and we give the optimize button.

Game mode

We defragmented all disks and closed. The next step is to check that Windows 10 game mode is activated in system settings -> games -> game mode.

Finally we can assign CPU resources to Minecraft if necessary, in certain cases it really is, but the game mode that we just activated should take care of this

AMD driver setup

It is not complicated either, we will only have to access the shift driver that we have, go to the performance tab at the top of it, then below in the second row to Advisors and finally select the Games or Standard profile and right after and below click on see global charts.


There we will have to mark the following settings:

  • Radeon Boost
  • Radeon Image Sharpening (it’s not mandatory)
  • Radeon EnhancedSync (with some AMD GPUs it may not work well.

It’s not an exact science of course and on some computers it might get worse instead of better, but for most it will work fine and we’ll see an interesting jump in performance.

NVIDIA driver setup

In NVIDIA it is even simpler and although the game profile can be edited to further improve performance, the truth is that if we do not know what to touch and on which computer we can cause more damage than solve the problem.

That is, the configuration can be so customizable that determining specific options should be done on each PC and not in general, because a Dual Core processor from 10 years ago is not the same as a Core i3 of the current generation, or a graphics card with 5 years than an RTX 30.


Therefore, we enter the NVIDIA control panel and we will go to “Adjust the preview image settings” which is the first section of the configurator. There are two possibilities here:

  • Let the decision 3d applicationwhich in this case is Minecraft itself.
  • Use my preference emphasizing a -> performance.

Both options are legal and again, depending on the PC and its configuration, we should get a more or less higher performance. Normally, the second option usually gives better results, but everything is to try.

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