If you link PlayStation and Steam accounts, what do you get for free?

No one recognizes SONY Interactive Entertainment today compared to a few years ago. From criticizing the PC launch of the games of its competition, Xbox, to betting on doing the same as an additional source of profit to finance future projects. The idea from PlayStation? Encourage communication between your PlayStation and Steam through a series of incentives. Let’s see what they are.

It’s no secret that console manufacturers hardly make any money selling consoles, since they have to do so at very low margins and this forces them to recover elsewhere. Either through royalties on games made by third parties on the platform, peripherals and even subscription services such as PSN Plus. That is why the PC versions of the games have become a capital extra for a SONY where, despite the prestige of its exclusives, they are not the most played on its own console. However, one of the clear objectives is the promotion of these titles on PC as long as they are known by more people and encourage sales of their console.

Additional content for linking your PlayStation and Steam accounts

At the moment SONY has not confirmed what type of content it is, but everything indicates that it could be things like exclusive cosmetics and items for the games from PlayStation Studios on PC.

PSN Steam PC PlayStation Studios

Specifically, and about linking PlayStation and Steam accounts together. On the American website of the company’s PC games we can read the following:

Link your Steam account to PlayStation Network to unlock extras in this and other PlayStation Studios games. Plus, you’ll also get the latest news, updates and game deals from PlayStation Studios for PC. All this by registering with a SONY account for PlayStation Network or using an existing one. You can opt out of email and console messaging when you’re creating your new account. For existing ones, you can opt out of messages via “notifications” in your account settings tab.

At the moment this is available in the version of Spider-Man Remastered with patch v1.1006.0.0, but upcoming game updates like Days Gone, God of War, Uncharted and all other games are expected to receive their corresponding update. We also do not know if SONY asks for the PSN Plus to make the link between the two accounts, since we do not forget that it is possible to have an account on their network without having to pay the monthly subscription. In any case, it is still a marketing maneuver to promote their games on PC. And it is that the exclusive PlayStation franchises, despite being very loved by the most staunch fans of the console, do not yet have the popularity that corresponds to their prestige.

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