How to play PlayStation games without a console

Many people who have a computer at home also usually have a video game console to complement, others, on the other hand, having a good graphics card is enough for them. However, sometimes it happens that we really want to play a game that is not available on PC and we cannot buy the system. Well if you want play PlayStation games without console from PC there are several solutions.

We will always say it, for us the best platform to play will always be the PC, since it is not only because of the fact that it offers the best visual quality and frame rate, but also because of the enormous catalog of games that it offers over time. of the years. Also, there is nothing better than having your PC renewed and seeing how your games are immediately rejuvenated. However, the cost for the user is much more expensive than a console, which usually has a series of exclusive games that often do not reach the computer. Of course, we are seeing how SONY itself is gradually bringing its PlayStation exclusives to PC.

We don’t need a powerful console or PC to play PlayStation games

This may seem like a contradiction seeing how SONY is not precisely optimizing the conversions of its PC games, however, to what we refer to the new PSN Plus, the service for PS4 and PS5 online gaming that has recently received a revamp. What they have done from PlayStation is to integrate their game service in the cloud, which is also compatible with PC and allows us to play PlayStation games without the need for a console and through a PC application. Which means that the game is running on a remote server and what comes to our computer is a video of the action in real time.

PSN Plus Menu Screen

So it is a service analogous to Microsoft’s XCloud, and, therefore, we will have to pay a monthly fee to use it. Specifically that of PlayStation Plus Premium, in addition to SONY recommends the use of the DualShock 4 controller, since at the time of writing this article they have not yet made the DualSense compatible. As for what we need for the application to work, all we need is an Intel i3 or an already antediluvian AMD A10 along with 300 MB of storage and 2 GB of RAM. Although make sure you have a good fiber connection to be able to use the service.

The bad thing about the service? Well the fact that SONY has not yet implemented the service to games on its PS5So if you want to play games like Demon’s Souls, Returnal, and others that have only been released on the next-gen console, then you only have one option. Acquire the still elusive SONY console, although for the price that some speculators sell it, it is better to buy a good graphics card for your PC.

The cons of PSN Plus for PC

The first of the cons is that the PSN Plus catalog is limited, so the exclusive PlayStation titles that are available are limited compared to what we can find on their consoles.

On the other hand, and to be completely objective, we have to clarify that outside of you want to try titles like the award-winning The Last of US Part 2 and many others, for us the service is inferior to Microsoft’s XCloud in terms of performance. The reason is that while Microsoft is using the most powerful hardware of its Xbox Series X as a server for Xbox One games, SONY does not use the PS5 as a server yet, which affects the performance of certain games. As for PS3, it has entire servers set up with the SONY console, since PS4 does not have enough power to emulate it.

although for us the biggest barrier is the pricePSN Plus Premium might make sense if you’re a PS4 or PS5 user, but not for the PC user who has much cheaper cloud gaming options at hand. In any case, it is a pity that SONY has not decided to improve the quality of its Cloud Gaming and is throwing in the towel in that regard, with what they promised a decade ago after buying the pioneers Gaikai and OnLive.

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