How to improve (almost) all Elden Ring graphics on PC

We all know that the world of video games on PC is a bit on the ball. While consoles tend to be much more closed experiences, the nature of a computer allows any user with minimal computer skills, and a lot of common sense to know what they are playing, transform the way we view or enjoy any title. Y Elden Ring will not be an exception.

Add all the textures in the world

The fact is that the custom of creating mods for PC games is so old that it is lost in the annals of history. For example, remember the case of doom and those WAD files that radically changed the maps, the characters and even the sounds. Memorable and for posterity was that “Chiquito de la Calzada Edition” that already in the 90s, and without social networks, practically became a meme.

But let’s go back to 2022 already Elden Ring, one of the hits of the year, to dive into a mod that substantially improves the visual quality of FromSoftware’s title. A wonder that bears very little criticism and perhaps one of them is the poor quality of many textures, that do not seem to squeeze the most of the resolution that our PC graphics are capable of displaying on the screen. So if you want to see those forest leaves, building walls or trees as they should have been from the beginning, leave room to install the mod that we bring you today.

It has been, once again, the community that has worked a mod that transforms more than 4,500 textures with an average quality in higher resolution graphics, 4K and 2K, respecting the spirit of the originals and almost always starting from the model that we can see in Elden Ring. In this way, the general perception does not change too much, but the detail does when we approach a building, object or whatever. It is easy to verify that we have gained in definition. Behold…

How to install the Elden Ring mod?

To get started, you just have to access the link that we leave you below and download all the packs that the mod has, which we already warned you that there are a few, specifically:

  • Armor and Weapons 4K Part 1
  • Armor and Weapons 4K Part 2
  • Environment 4K Part 1
  • Environment 4K Part 2
  • Environment 4K Part 3
  • Environment 4K Part 4
  • Environment 4K Part 5

To install it, you must:

  • Find the most recent files of the mod in the link that we leave you below.
  • Follow the instructions that come with the files you have downloaded.
  • Extract all the mod files to the directory Mod Engine/mod.
  • Spear Elden Ring via Mod Engine.

Total, we are talking about 78.6 gigabytes of files which essentially upscale all the textures on the weapons, armor, and items that are part of the scenery to true 4K resolution. Obviously, you will have to take into account this additional workload that the graphics card is going to suffer, when it comes to executing Elden Ringconfigure it so that you do not lose any performance (no, on Steam Deck it would not be a good idea).

If you see that with 4K quality your PC suffers from the speed of execution of the game, another alternative is to opt for the 2K texture packswhich although they do not reach the level of detail of the largest ones, are already better than practically all of the ones that FromSoftware’s development originally brought.

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