Get hundreds of games for your PlayStation for Black Friday at a laughing price

As you know, Sony pretends that Microsoft’s strategy with its Xbox Game Pass does not interest it, publishing statements that warn us that its plans are not going down that path, although later, when it is time to check the facts, it is perceived a certain concern about whether, especially in the long term, things could change in favor of Phil Spencer’s. And proof of this is the PS Plus service that the Japanese modified last summer.

More games at an even lower price

The fact is that the result of that “yes but no” from Sony is the new PlayStation Plus, which It arrives divided into three very different variants that surely you all know Yes, but if you think we are going to remind you since, to a greater or lesser extent, all of them have been affected by these early Black Friday offers. Let’s recap: if you want to be part of the PlayStation family through one of these modalities, you can subscribe to PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, which is the jewel in the crown.

It is the latter that is really within range, due to the enormous number of advantages that it adds such as the presence of the game catalog, Ubisoft+ Classics, monthly gifts, online multiplayer, exclusive discounts, the PlayStation Plus collection, Share Play, game help, cloud storage or all the exclusive content that It is updated weekly.

The problem with that PS Plus Premium was the price, which It was located nothing more and nothing less than 119.99 euros year. A good pinch when it comes to paying for a whole year in one go, although now, thanks to the Black Friday sales, that stick is not going to be so painful.

Playstation Plus.

Discounts for Black Friday

This being the case, the great news that we have to give you is that you can get a whole year of PS Plus Premium at a price of 89.99 euros, that is, 40 less than the usual cost, which is a fantastic opportunity to renew the subscription now and continue to do so every year around these dates, taking advantage of each Black Friday campaign again.

It goes without saying that the other PS Plus modalities also suffer a discount and, if you are not a fan of reliving the PS3 or PS2 classics and you settle for the PS4 catalog, the same the Extra subscription also enters your plans. Now, with this offer, it goes from costing 99.99 euros a year to only 74.99, that is, approximately 25 euros less. Which is not bad either.

Finally, if having hundreds of games on your PS Plus account does not matter to you and you are satisfied with being able to play online with friends and, at most, get hold of the free titles that are given away every month, then do not hesitate and go for the basic subscriptionthe Essential, which also suffers a cut in its price: of the 59.99 euros per year that it costs, it remains at only 44.99.

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