Get a total of 10 free packs for FIFA 23

This is the latest edition of the legendary EA Sports soccer simulator, as it changes its name for next year. FIFA 23 will be officially launched next Friday, but it is already playable through early access. If you already have the game FIFA 23we are going to explain how to get up to ten free envelopes.

Thanks to early access in FIFA 23, many users are already developing their Ultimate Team team. Currently, the FUT FIFA Ultimate Team mode) is the most popular within the franchise. Getting players or coins in the early days can give you a huge advantage in this game.

How to get free packs or envelopes?

The FUT Packs or Packs They allow us to obtain random content, containing players and necessary items. There are three types of envelopes today, such as bronze, silver and gold. Additionally, different special envelopes are released that are temporary and give additional or unique elements.

Get these free envelopes have a approximate value of 200,000. They are achieved in a fairly simple way, since you only have to complete a few very simple challenges. If we meet these objectives, we will obtain the packs at no additional cost. The requirements for these envelopes are:

  1. Must play 5 games with a bronze and silver team in any way
  2. We have to win 6 matches with a bronze and silver team in any way
  3. Is required Score goals with a bronze and silver player in 10 different matches in any way
  4. We have to win 15 games with a bronze and silver team in any way

These requirements to get the envelopes are not very complicated, but they will take time. You can see that each challenge must be completed twice. Once we must do it with bronze players and the second with silver players. At least 30 games are what we will need to get the envelopes or packs without paying.

If we manage to meet these requirements, we will get the following packs for FUT 23:

  • 2x Gold Pack
  • 1x Small Gold Player Pack
  • 1x 2 player pack
  • 2x Rare Gold 2 Player Pack
  • 2x Premium Gold Pack
  • Completing both lists will get you two packs of 50,000 coins
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Invite your friends to online friendlies and simply complete these objectives and get like 200k worth of packs easy 👍

September 26, 2022 • 17:34



The last dance for this game

This is the latest installment of the Electronic Arts football simulator, which will be renamed in another way in 2023. What would be FIFA 24 will be renamed EA Sports FC. Said name change for this simulator lies in the fact that FIFA is asking for more and more money to use its brand.

FIFA, in case you don’t know, is the highest body in football and who manages all the continental organizations in which football is divided. This organization seems to demand more and more money to allow the use of its “brand” and Electronics Arts has considered that it is no longer profitable to continue using this name.

For this “new” video game saga, a huge number of changes are expected. The good thing is that it should not be affected excessively in terms of licenses. It is estimated that there will be 30 leagues, more than 100 stadiums, more than 700 teams and more than 19,000 players.

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