Five reasons why Los Santos Drug Wars is the biggest update to GTA V Online

Rockstar Games has given itself the task of ensuring that we do not run out of content from its long-lived title GTA V in its online version, which You just received one of the best content seen to date since it is not content just with the objective of expanding all the content of its multiplayer universe a little more, but it also takes the leap of delving into new events and plot missions that will delight its millions of fans.

Five reasons and a little more history

As we tell you, a few weeks ago Rockstar Games added to GTA V Online one of the most ambitious updates seen to date, and it is one of the few occasions in which a new DLC comes with a new story. In Los Santos Drug Warsyou will become one of the most important drug traffickers of the city while the other cartels try to kill you.

In this new update you will be able to buy your own trading business and become a millionaire. In any case, so that you are aware of the magnitude of this new DLC, we are going to give you five reasons why Los Santos Drug Wars It is so important. Without further ado, let’s start this list.

The world of drug trafficking to the beast

Although the whole drug issue has always been very much in the franchise from the start, with this new update we will be exposed to a new degree of depth and involvement, as we will witness how the different gangs kill each other with the aim of having the monopoly of the city.

Los Santos Drug Wars GTA Online.

New cars that would make Toretto jealous

Another aspect that has existed in the franchise forever are the luxury cars, and this latest update reaffirms that tradition by adding, nothing more and nothing less, than five new luxury models, among which we find the Entity MT, the Annis 300R, the Tulip M-100, the Journey II and the BF Surfer Custom.

A band of the most diverse characters

This DLC, like any addition to the universe gta self-respecting, must present a curious group of characters and the Fooliganz won’t be left behind. It is a gang of hangers-on as only those responsible for Rockstar Games know how to do. In addition, it is also very curious the way in which these new heroes are linked to the protagonists of the main campaign of GTA V. And we don’t count anymore…

Los Santos Drug Wars GTA Online.

Climb up the city’s criminal ranking

In this new update another criminal business is added that you can add to your collection of dubious legal stores. From a workshop to a party truck, so surely you will not get bored with these new establishments.

A whole new story

Finally, the great novelty that is included in this DLC is that for the very first time in the history of GTA V Online we will have a new argument that will accompany our frenetic gang action and that, let us anticipate you, will not leave anyone indifferent.

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