Five reasons to return to World of Warcraft taking advantage of the release of Dragonflight

It seems a lie but world of warcraft He is about to celebrate 20 years of life. It’s 18 years old but it’s still as alive as ever, with a schedule of updates, DLC, and new content that encourages the old adventurers who once roamed the lands of Azeroth to return home from time to time. And in those we are.

One of the few that continues to survive

Officially released in 2004, the longest-running MMORPG – among those who still dare to charge a monthly subscription to play it – has already left behind its maximum peak of active players by surpass almost a decade ago the 12 million accounts who released their good 12 euros and a peak every month. Since then it has only gone down, although the critical mass of gamers it is good enough to keep the whole tinglao going.

It is obvious that between the original game and the version classical enough players are still concentrated so that Blizzard does not set off the alarms and see their business in jeopardy. And for that, remains firm in the premiere of new content that, in addition to serving for the most veteran players to find new dungeons to complete, also serve as siren songs for those who left.

If this is your case and after enjoying many years of world of warcraft you abandoned it, here you go five reasons to re-engage with dragon flight, the expansion that will turn you into a kind of Targaryen capable of conquering the skies on the back of his fearsome dragon.

Five reasons to return to WOW

Come on, if you like, let’s number them:

new continent

The Dragon Islands are the new scene of dragon flighta place that Blizzard describes as “the ancestral home of the Flights of Azeroth«. And it is that when the Great Cataclysm “cracked the world, the magic of the islands was absorbed and the continent was plunged into a deep lethargy.” Again, we will relive the old conflicts of yesteryear, which have just woken up from a long sleep.

The power of the Dragons

Few expansions of world of warcraft they are going to make you enjoy both the controls of your mounts, since dragon flight includes new maneuvers and moves only ones that you can develop during the game. Beware of the dives at full speed in the style of those that can be seen in Avatarwith the Na’vi planning for Pandora.

New talent tree

Even though you’ve been away for a long time world of warcraft don’t worry because the talent tree will change so you can reassign them with your old characters. Also, remember that the levels were limited some time ago so it will be quite an experience trying to reach the new maximum imposed by Blizzard.

WOW interface.

custom interface

Blizzard will now allow you to move some interface elements that have stayed in the same place for almost two decades. In addition, other graphic elements have been fine-tuned and updated (such as the griffins and wyverns), to offer a much cleaner and lighter view That so far. Not that it’s a change that affects how you play, but these improvements are always welcome.

Extended Max Level

The truth is that this cap has changed a lot. If a few years ago we were able to reach 120, those from Irvine thought that it was best to return to the original experience and situate that ceiling at 60. With dragon flight we can increase 10 more levels, so it is already possible to have a char of level 70.

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