Downloading a pirated game can be very expensive

Piracy is one of the greatest evils in existence, and it is entirely no matter what motive they wield in your presence for their defense. It is an activity that destroys jobs over time and destroys the economy of families and individuals. We only see it justified from the perspective of products that are not for sale. That is why we have decided to give you the notice about a new crack called Erbium to pirate gamessince it can compromise your security.

Piracy is one of the endemic evils of software, since the beginning there have been unauthorized copies. Of which by the way the creators are not paid for their work. On consoles, being closed platforms, the excuse of Homebrew is used, so that later, once the security of these “backups” is open, they can roam freely. On PC this problem does not exist, but the market is full of versions with cracks that hide programs with malicious intentions, as is the case at hand.

Erbium can steal your data while you play

And no, we are not referring to three or four internet files, but sensitive data such as the credit card password stored in your browser. So if you share the computer with your child to play his favorite game for a while and you wanted to save the game money, then wrong, since Erbium has collected your data. And the thing is not only about cracks to hack games, but also cracks.

Erbium distribution map

This malicious program is what we call a malware as a service and not only is it taking resources from your computer and slowing down the game, but it is offering all the private information on a computer to a stranger on a silver platter. Why are we talking about this crack? Well, due to the fact that you may have it on your computer, since Spain is among the countries most affected by Erbium.

What kind of information can you extract?

Well, the main objective of this program is to steal the credentials of several cryptocurrency wallets to steal them directly from their users. That is, the equivalent of stealing your credit card, but with cryptocurrencies.

  • Information from the cache of web browsers, especially those based on Chromium and Gecko.
  • You can extract information from a large number of cryptocurrency wallets installed in the browser.
  • It has the ability to extract information from cold cryptocurrency wallets installed as desktop applications:
    • exodus
    • atomic
    • Armory
    • Bitcoin-Core
    • Bitcoin
    • Dash Core
    • electrum
    • Electron
    • Coinomi
    • ethereum
    • Litecoin Core
    • Monero-Core
    • zcash
    • Jaxx
  • Can steal keys stored with two-step identification What:
    • EOS Authenticator
    • Authy 2FA
    • 2FA Authenticator

Erbium Dashboard

And the thing is not limited to the crypto world, but also pYou can take screenshots without the user knowing, steal Steam and Discord tokens and subtract both the Telegram files including user credentials. And worst of all, it can also take control of your hardware and improperly monitor itputting him in danger

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