Do you know what Wave Break is? Well, aim because it is sure that you are going to play them

Outboard boat and jet ski games have practically been a genre unto themselves over the years. You just have to remember that extraordinary Wave Racer 64 of Nintendo 64 (among many others) to understand that, from time to time, players like speed experiences that go beyond asphalt, earth or snow. Although if we look at this wave breakYou will be surprised at how far things have come.

Success on PC and Nintendo Switch

It was in June 2020, that is, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when Funktronic Labs released for PC and Nintendo Switch (and Stadia, it must be said) this game that invites us to live permanently immersed in the water at the controls of an outboard boat that, to be honest, will not only serve to try to outrun our opponents. This is so because we will not have races as such, but rather something much simpler, such as eliminating everything that comes our way.

And it is that the game has Wave Race 64 just enough because you will quickly see that much of the merit of our success in the game lies in two essential elements: the weapons that we equip and that we can pick up for each of the scenarios, and the capers that it is possible to carry out when sliding over objects, edges and walkways of the stage. Do you remember the superb Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac for Xbox One? Well, something similar but in the water.

That facet of being able to perform stunts and special movements has earned him wave break the nickname of “Tony Hawk of the games with outboard boats», because an essential element of the game are precisely those stunts that we can carry out to earn points and, over time, exchange them for rewards that improve our arsenal. Why don’t you lie, this title invites us to erase from the map the presence of any enemy that may be bothering us a little and, for this, you will have to use whatever you see placed on the map: a huge pipe, a ramp, etc.


New versions of Wave Break arrive

That small success in stores like Steam, or in the Nintendo eShop, have allowed their creators to think in new frontiers for his small success that, not only has he announced the arrival date for Xbox for December 21, but he also assures us that we will be able to try it with the online multiplayer option, which is practically what has earned him a good part of the great campaign of mouth, ear that has starred among those who have tried them.

In any case, if you are bored by online and you prefer something more intimate and personal, not only has a campaign with several scenarios and modes, but also a complete circuit editor and quite a few characters with statistics quite different between each of them. One of those games that seem less than what they are at first glance, but later, when we’re at the controls, we realize that driving isn’t enough. You also have to know how to aim and complete capers that bring us some kind of reward.

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