Do you know the latest from the creators of Dead Cells? We tell you where and how to play it

We will all agree that Dead Cells It has been one of the games that have caused the most impact within the indie scene and that has served to put at the top that genre that many call as metroidvania (wouldn’t need to say why). That happened in 2017 and four years later came the next work by Sebastien Bénard, which has gone somewhat more unnoticed. Do you know what it is Nuclear Blaze and how much are you missing?

Bye Dead Cellshello Nuclear Blaze

Many studios are born with the idea of ​​trying to get their head in the industry at whatever price but, above all, with a success that provides them with economic stability to face the next one. Although if you succeed too much, then a bigger problem is generated: what can I do to improve what is already extraordinary without disappointing the followers I have earned? That must have thought the good old Sebastien when he got down to work with his next game after the phenomenon Dead Cells.

The product of that effort was Nuclear Blazea title that seems somewhat minor but it came to computers in October of last year, when its great springboard for fame was still collecting congratulations and, also, extra content through DLC that have been completing the original experience. Dead Cells It was still very much alive among players on virtually all platforms, be it consoles, computers, or mobiles and tablets.

Nuclear Blaze It remained, as we tell you, in the background. Without occupying the stage or the spotlight, but once again seducing the (so far few) players who ended up with it in stores like Steam. Whether accidentally or knowingly there are few users who have been able to resist to that magical task of fighting fire, and worse, within a tremendous nuclear catastrophe.

Nuclear Blaze.

Great present and better future

Our role in Nuclear Blaze is the one of a kind armed firefighter in a fireproof suit and a hose with a small tank of water that must gradually eliminate the fire in each scenario, obviously taking into account things like the fact that a huge amount of energy accumulates behind the doors that can explode in our faces, or that we must always have an H2O tank on hand to refill our only weapon

A priori it seems simple but we already told you that Has your crumb achieve the objectives of each phase and, above all, always keep us safe. Graphically, as you can see, it inherits a certain air from the great Dead Cells looking like that pixel art how well a video game feels, and it is clear that its radius of influence is somewhat smaller, but no less fun for that. And if we look at its price, barely new euros, it already says it all.

On consoles? Well, as you have seen in the video that you have above, its rhythmic success on PC has allowed its creators to bring it to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for next year, specifically for April 28, 2023. Are you going to try it?

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