Do you know how to mark enemies on the Fortnite map?

Fortnitelike others shooterhave quite intuitive controls that, today, do not provide us with a complete view of the battlefield. So if there’s something that dreams of gamers it is having the possibility of detecting and marking any adversary that appears on the map, to always have it located, controlled and, when we can, in the center of our sights.

A little-exploited Fortnite feature

In Fortnite We must always be attentive to everything that happens around us since you never know where a shower of sticks and bullets can rain down on you. That, when we play as a team, happens less because they tend to give you a hand when it comes to alerting you to potential waves of enemies.

The thing is that in this battle royale From Epic Games there are several commands that will allow us to make working as a team with your friends much easier. We can share resources such as weapons, medicines or tools, rescuing them from certain death, covering each other when our rivals have us surrounded… or what concerns us here today, which is nothing more than marking enemies and places of interest to locate possible threats.

However, not many people know about this function, so we are going to explain the easiest way to achieve it. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Analog or digital, you choose

Before beginning, we anticipate that there are two methods: one easier than the other, so we are going to start with the first, which is the analog brand of enemies. If you play on a computer, for example, with a simple touch to the central mouse button you will mark objects or places, while if you do it on the console, you will have to press right on the crosshead.

Now, if what we want to mark are enemies, we must go one step further. If you play on console, to mark the place where an adversary is you will have to press the up button on the crossheadwhich will cause the location to be marked with a red marker on the minimap.

Now, we have great news for you and it’s called Falcon Scout. This second way of marking has been recently added to the game with Chapter 4. This requires you to get hold of a special item. With this accessory that resembles a bird-shaped drone, you can make it fly around the map and mark the location of enemies as many times as you want, since it does not have a maximum number of uses. And, as if that were not enough, when using it, the exact location will be marked both for you and for all your colleagues.

He Falcon Scout you can find throughout the map either hidden inside trunks, in shipments of merchandise or simply lying on the ground, although the best way to find them will be to look in the oath chests that you find. And you? Did you know this way to mark enemies in Fortnite?

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