Brotato, a potato with bad grapes that delivers bullets on Steam

It is a phenomenon that usually occurs in the same way almost always, with a kind of pattern where a small signal on the horizon ends up becoming a giant wave to which all developers want to upload. The problem is that many of them fail to hit the key while a few do. And it serves to boost them from that moment within the industry thanks to names like Sprout.

Rogelite with many shades

Sprout is the story of a success that is anticipated by the presence on Steam of a certain vampire survivors, a game so elementary that it hurts to count its development in just one line: we control a hero who, located in the center of the screen, must eliminate all the enemies that try to surround him while he levels up, getting items and extras that add greater attack and defense capacity.

Well, we left out the most important thing, and that is that our protagonist cannot shoot when we want, but when it touches. In other words, there will not be a button to open fire, but we will have to move around the screen calculating the moment in which the weapon will activate itself and, thus, cause the greatest possible damage to the hosts of savages that are about to finish off U.S.

So, if it’s already been invented, why has it succeeded? Sprout? Well, here comes what we told you before: what is a simple isolated success of a game like vampire survivors ends up becoming a fever and a need for the players, who are still looking for similar alternatives to keep themselves entertained, so they set their sights on other developments that meet those same premises.

the pissed off potato

So in this way, Sprout has caught the gist of that idea that has been in fashion for a few months on Steam and has made it his own with a richer and more casual graphic aspect, to tell us (briefly) the story of this pissed off potato to which we can customize the arsenal that he displays during the game. we’ll start pretty cute and cute but as we make our way, the combinations will be our main asset to win.

All its main mechanics revolve around the weapons that we get with each new item, or level up that we star in, which gives more power to Sprout while the enemies appear in greater numbers, size and voracity. It is, yes, a game of short games, of progressing with the character with each new event that we start and, of course, it will not take 300 hours to have to reach a point where we feel completely satiated with his mechanics and entertainment mode.

You must know that the game is in phase Early Access, that is to say, that although it is totally playable, its developers are still putting the finishing touches before it is a definitive and official launch. Even so, you have it for a really cheap price, such as 4.99 euros, and you will have access to all the content that is added as Blobfish develops it. Try it… deserves the potato.

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