Black Friday arrives at the PlayStation Store: here are the best offers

Go warming up engines that Black Friday is practically here. The time of the year in which the largest number of offers are concentrated and that due to its strategic location, so close to Christmas, They come from pearls to go buying gifts from Santa Claus and Kings. Well, and to have some other detail with ourselves. Especially if you have a PS5 at home and regularly shop at the PlayStation Store.

The best Black Friday deals

Although there are many games that are on offer, we have preferred to make a selection of the most importantthose who tend to stay longer in full price And because of this small discount that they now have, they automatically become unique opportunities. These are:


The soccer game par excellence sees its price reduced in the PS5 version and it is within reach of those who do not want to spend the almost 80 bucks with which it arrived at the stores. So if you want to have it… run!

Price: €47.99.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

He has two years behind him but is back in fashion for its release on PC. This version of PS4 and PS5 will only cost you 29.99 euros, so don’t hesitate because this title, despite being somewhat shorter than the first spider-man from Insomniac, it’s still well worth it.

Price: €29.99.

Gotham Knights

This title that arrived just a few months ago among great reviews, is lowered on PS5 from 75 euros to almost half. An agile, addictive development and especially recommended for DC fans (without Batman).

Price: €44.99.

Gran Turismo 7

It is rare to see this game on sale, so if you have a PS4 or a PS5, you can get a discount of practically 30 euros.

Price: 49.59 euro.

Horizon Forbidden West

Same as in the case of Gran Turismo 7 We can get hold of the PS4 and PS5 version for just over half of its launch price, which was close to 80 euros. Aloy is still as fearless as ever only this time he’ll travel west for some amazing events.

Price: 49.59 euro.


It arrived last summer revolutionizing the market. The crawling game that takes us to a dystopian world practically without human presence and that lowers its price if you want to own it. Remember that it also came out as a free game within PlayStation Plus.

Price: €23.99.

cyberpunk 2077

It took a lot to come back but finally seems to have found the path to redeem himself. A launch for PS4 and PS5 that you have at a perfect price to try it now that all its errors are corrected (or almost all).

Price: €24.99.

The Last of Us Part I Remake

Exclusive to PS5, this remake of the 2013 classic from Naughty Dog continues to make people talk and, although the discount is not too much (barely 20 euros), the truth is that it doesn’t matter. Nope?

Price: €59.99.

F1 22

Just finished the Formula 1 World Championship, what better way to continue experiencing the races than with the official game? The PS5 version is within range with a discount of 40 euros.

Price: €39.99.

A Plague Tale Requiem

One of the great releases of the fall it also reduces its price on PS5 by about 12 euros. It does not seem like much, but when you play it you will think that you have paid less than what it deserves. Word.

Price: €47.99.

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