Apple doesn’t want you to know why you shouldn’t spend a euro on App Store games

If you are one of those users who constantly play with the iPhone or the iPad, even with the Mac, it is very possible that you have already realized that the money you are spending on the App Store you are throwing away because Apple has initiated a scorched earth policy where only its Arcade game service has a place, the one that works as a kind of Xbox Game Pass that we can share with any brand device.

Why are you throwing money away?

Apple has already provided enough evidence that, when it comes to video games, he has no mercy for money that your customers have spent in the App Store. With the arrival of 64-bit processors, those from Cupertino erased with a stroke of the pen any possibility of maintaining compatibility with everything that had been published in the official store up to that time, unless the work of the programmers to adapt their games mediated. to this new technology. iOS 11 was in that aspect a real apocalypse.

As you might imagine, many of those studios that had to update their apps and video games were either already involved in other projects, or had simply disappeared, so that hundreds and even thousands of releases were no longer available in the store. You just have to go through your list of oldest purchases to check the number of items you have purchased, that have cost you money, and that you can no longer download. Can you imagine a game bought on Steam 10 years ago that you can’t have ready to play on your PC today?

Apple has a problem and that’s why he decided to launch his Arcade service. And it is so evident that his bad conscience has been able to promote the return of the old classics that triumphed a decade ago on the screens of our mobiles. That’s why the remastered return of the angry Birdsof cut the rope and of many other names that were buried by each new version of iOS that became more incompatible with the previous one and, therefore, left behind a good number of releases.

It’s the same with the Mac.

In the case of Apple computers, three quarters of the same has happened. If you embraced Steam and built yourself a nice library of games, from macOS Catalina you will have seen that what was given is finishedfirst, by preventing the execution of 32-bit games, since it only allowed to do so with apps of 64, and later with the new Apple Silicon processors that erased any possibility of opening the Valve library from the map.

As in the case of the iPhone or iPad, Apple has given the same everything you have bought because its strategy is simple: that developers convert their products so that they work under the capricious specifications of their operating systems, something that is impossible to fulfill 100%. The result? Hundreds of euros, if not thousands, that go to the rubbish bin directly from your bank card.

So, are you going to continue buying games for iPhone, iPad or Mac with this scenario? If Apple has already done it twice, does anyone doubt that it will do it three, four and as many times as it takes?

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