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You can now 100% mine on RTX 30 with NiceHash QuickMiner

Last year NVIDIA announced the second batch of its RTX 30 with a change, they were limited to half when it came to mining certain cryptocurrencies. These models were colloquially called LHR or Low Hash Rate. Well, after a long wait and some other fake news in the middle. Finally, they have managed to the RTX 30 LHR can mine 100%. All this thanks to NiceHash QuickMiner

It is no secret that the limitation to the mining capacity of the RTX 30 in its second edition was not a favor to the gaming market. From NVIDIA they planned to sell their variations for mining their graphics cards. What has happened? Well, the so-called CMP HX have not sold what they should and it can be said that they are a commercial failure. The reason behind it is to have the video output blinded, which reduces its resellability in the second-hand market as gaming graphics cards.

On the other hand, getting an NVIDIA mining card is not something that everyone has access to. Instead, it is much easier to get large shipments of their gaming graphics cards from different manufacturers. Although they are limited in the face of mining. This has also been an additional motivation to break the artificial limitation added by Jen Hsun Huang. Let’s not forget that in terms of circuitry, there is nothing that differentiates the RTX 30 LHR from those that do not have this limitation.

The NiceHash QuickMiner unlocks the mining of the RTX 30

Yes, depending on how we look at the glass, it is half empty or half full. Although there is no doubt that the most optimistic are those who use their RTX 30 to mine. And it is that NiceHash has managed to make its QuickMiner pYou can use 100% of the mining capacity of your RTX 3080 Ti. What does this translate to? The RTX 30 LHR are no longer limited when it comes to mining. By the way, in one of the images in the gallery below these lines you have the mining ratios for all the GPUs in the family unlocked at 100%.

Those who have developed this solution had already achieved 70% of the mining capacity in the past month of August. The new solution, which will soon be available in a near update of the NiceHash QuickMiner, will allow us to use any model of the RTX 30 to mine at 100%. Which is a sudden performance boost for owners of mining RIGs based on these graphics cards. On the other hand, it’s bad news for AMD’s plans to sell into this market, as the sudden rise in mining capacity on its rival’s cards makes them much more attractive.

For now, NVIDIA has not given any response. Let’s not forget that we are facing a lifting of mining capacity that does not require complex operations by the user. Namely, we do not need to change the BIOS of our RTX 30 GPU and is found within the algorithm of the mining software. In conclusion, we must bear in mind that when mining cards, they are not a means of consumption, but of production. So we should expect a new price increase for this news.

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