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They sell NVIDIA RTX 30 laptop as normal to avoid the LHR

Already in the past some Chinese OEMs were selling graphics RTX 30 Series of Laptops as normal desktop graphics cards, with the aim of capturing the attention of miners who want to skip the LHR restrictions imposed by NVIDIA. Now it seems that the problem is getting even more serious, and NVIDIA doesn’t seem very keen on putting an end to the problem.

Imagine that you go to a computer store and find an NVIDIA graphics card, but it has an “M” at the end of its nomenclature (for example, a GeForce RTX3070M). Surely you, the reader of this website, will find it strange because you will know that it is a graphics card for laptops and that, as such, it is not sold separately. However, for users who do not have any knowledge of hardware, it will seem like a modern and very cheap graphics card, a real “sweet tooth” to play their favorite games…

NVIDIA RTX 30 laptops have no LHR limitation

The point is that these graphics cards have not been designed to be sold in stores to ordinary users, but rather are products expressly designed to bypass the limitations imposed by the policy. LHR (Lite Hash Rate) from NVIDIA, which they adopted precisely to prevent miners from taking over the stock of gaming graphics cards by limiting their mining capacity, and which laptop GPUs lack.

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Thus, some Chinese OEMs are removing the GPU from gaming laptops (probably to sell them later as “normal” laptops with integrated graphics), mount a graphics heatsink, solder the outputs and video and magic! They have a desktop GPU and without the limitations of LHR, although it is true that as you may know these GPUs are less powerful than their desktop variants.

All in all, the limitations of the LHR imposed by NVIDIA were undoubtedly a great attempt, but as always happens, ways have already been found to avoid it, so we could say that the sale and production of these laptop gpu For its sale as a desktop it does not make much sense. In part this is the case, but also in part a rather murky sub-market is being created, because they are graphics cards without guarantee, with video outputs soldered by hand, and with heatsinks that have not been specifically designed for the GPU and that therefore Therefore, they can have a performance that is at least doubtful.

RTX 30 graphics

In the end, this is a situation that, again, ends up harming gamers. There may now be more stock of gaming graphics cards and prices have already stabilized at what we might consider acceptable levels, but it’s also a fact that these OEMs are taking the GPU out of gaming laptops to create cheap desktop graphics , we are seeing the stock of laptops equipped with gaming graphics cards cut.

Are these graphs worth mining?

In the Chinese stores where these graphics cards are being sold, their mining performance is displayed. Given the price at which electricity is right now, and the devalued price of cryptocurrencies, many miners have shut down their farms because at the moment it is not profitable, or very little. However, since these RTX 30 laptop GPUs have excellent mining performance, are cheap, and consume little power, they make it once again profitable to mineat least relatively.

RTX 3070M mined

We’ll see what the matter is and if NVIDIA decides to act on it, but of course and as always when we talk about issues similar to this related to mining, it is something that ends up negatively affecting the gaming ecosystem.

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