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The price of the graphics falls again, but you will not see it in stores

The script continues its course as we expected and after the continued debacle of the cryptos with Ethereum’s drop of more than 50% included, now comes another factor that is showing that the MSRP price of any product is a simple crude by part of the industry players and not so much of the companies. The current price of graphics cards falls again, it’s close to its MSRP, but you won’t see this effect in stores for the following reasons.

The two most important factors are approaching that will make the price of GPUs fall even more: new graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD together with the change in the work mode of Ethereum, but although the trend continues to be downward, unfortunately you are going to continue paying in in most cases a much higher price than the real one.

There is more stock, but the prices of the graphics are still inflated despite falling

The new graph provided by the report of the colleagues of 3D Center puts it in great evidence: there is more stock of GPUs than ever, the yellow curve now shows the profitability of Ethereum mining and not the price of the cryptocurrency, which is crashing, so it is more representative really than the fluctuations of the value and on the other hand, we have the MSRP price of the graphics that also comes with certain details.


And it is that many retailers have stopped publishing their prices publicly because they see their investments in danger and They don’t want to get into a price war.but in addition to this there is another factor that nobody counts and that means that despite the fact that the data of the provided lists indicate what the graph shows, a downward trend and an approach to the MSRP almost in its entirety, they are not real as such and we are paying a fairly large premium.

The dollar / euro conversion in graphics cards

And it is that the Euro is currently less strong and this implies that the MSRP at retail prices continues to pay an extra cost that these apply to graphics cards. Therefore, we now have to talk about the list price and the street price, which is complicating everything a little more.

If we stick to the suggested list price as before, AMD is only one 2% above of the MSRP as an average of all its RX 6000 models, while NVIDIA is a +6% above for its RTX 30. Instead, the street price that we finally see in stores and for which we are finally going to pay is nothing less than a 17% above average than it should be.


That said, it is being discussed how important the conversion really is and how much is inflated, since many have paid the graphics at higher prices and have to eat the decrease in them losing so much money, and that is bad for the business. Therefore, we may still be paying inflated prices if we are going to buy a graphics card despite seeing them fall.

It is a curious problem, because the only thing that is achieved is that the user saves his money waiting for the new generation that is about to fall, but on the other hand, the unwary person who is not well informed could be stung by seeing the offers that are being given in the stores , helping to alleviate the deficit named by retailers, but is it really worth keeping such a large stock seen? It seems so, but in the end the offers will arrive in large numbers when they see that hardly any stock has been sold and the announcement of the RTX40 and RX7000 imminent after its presentation.

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