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The NVIDIA RTX 4060 could be up to the RTX 3080

With the news that NVIDIA is already finalizing preparations for the launch of its RTX 4090 based on its powerful AD102 graphics chip, the question that has come to mind for many is: what performance and specifications can we expect from the eventual RTX 4090? 4060? And it is that at the end of the day we know that not all users are interested in the unattainable high-end of NVIDIA.

If we are to talk about the most popular NVIDIA graphics card models in each generation, then the models ending in 60 would take the prize. Since they are powerful enough to allow us to play high caliber games on our computer. At the same time, they are cheap enough that most people can afford them. That is, they are at the ideal point between performance and price.

However, it is tradition on the part of NVIDIA that it is the models finished in 90, 80 and 70 that appear during the first semester of launch. So we should expect the RTX 4060 in early 2023. In any case, what can we expect from said graphics card when it appears on the market in terms of performance compared to the current RTX 30?

What do we expect from the NVIDIA RTX 4060?

While the news that the RTX 4090 is in the testing phase for its market launch in a few months, the RTX 4060, on the other hand, is still a product within the NVIDIA design laboratories, but already in its final stages. . It is expected to make use of the AD104 chip. It would therefore be a graphics processor built under the TSMC 5nm node and of which we have been able to know that it will have the following technical specifications:

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  • 7680 CUDA or ALU cores in FP32what they mean a maximum of 60 SM. This is a significant jump from the current RTX 3060’s 28 SM and is even higher than the RTX 3070 Ti’s 48 SM. it could correspond to an eventual RTX 4060 SUPER or Ti.
  • The memory interface would be 192 bitallowing a 12GB of VRAM. The type? We don’t know if GDDR6 or GDDR6XIn any case, we should not rule out different models, which would differ in the type of video RAM used. As well as in price and consumption.
  • Facing your RTX 4060. NVIDIA will not use the new PCI Express connectorso its consumption will be at some point below 375W.
  • At power level it should be at the level of an RTX 3070 Ti or an RTX 3080 in certain respects. It is expected that in Ray Tracing the performance of a 3090 can arrive.
  • Its recommended retail price, which is expected to be around 400 euros.

At the same time, and as has happened with the GA104 chip of the RTX 3070 on desktops and RTX 3080 on laptops, it is expected that this chip will also be the one that ends up for high-end gaming laptops with NVIDIA hardware. In any case, how do you see the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards and specifically the RTX 4060?

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