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The Intel ARC A30M Pro makes its appearance, is it a professional graphics?

With two days to go before the presentation of the first batch of the ARC Alchemist, the rumors about Intel graphics cards continue to surprise us and a new related trademark has appeared out of nowhere. ARC A30M Pro. Dedicated graphics cards in mobile workstations. How are they different from conventional models?

One of the absences that surrounded all the rumor mill of Intel’s entry into the world of graphics cards was a reference to a range for professionals. That is, those designed not for content consumers, but for creators and, therefore, for professionals. Well, it seems that just a couple of days after the presentation of the first ARC Alchemist we finally have references to that range.

Let’s not forget that this type of graphics card in terms of hardware is not different from the domestic versions, but it is the quality of the drivers and the customer support that are its differential value. As well as improvements in color representation. Let’s see, therefore, what the A30M Pro graphics cards will bring us for Intel laptops and what will differ from the A350M and A370M that will be seen for models aimed at non-professional users.

What is the Intel ARC A30M Pro graphics card?

Through the leaked specifications of the Dell Precision 5470 laptop, which will be based on an i9-12900H as a central processor, we have been able to see references to an ARC A30M Pro as a dedicated graphics card as an alternative to NVIDIA’s RTX A1000. As you can see, the specifications of the Intel graphics card are not unknown and we do not know if it will be based on the A350M or the A370M, but everything indicates that it will be based on the most advanced version of the first generation of the ARC Alchemist from low range based on the DG2-128 chip, the least powerful of the graphics chips from Pat Gelsinger’s company.

ARC A30M Pro Intel

Everything indicates that we will see the first teams with the ARC A30M during the presentation on March 30. In principle, since there do not seem to be any differences with the standard models with respect to architecture and technical specifications. We hope that Intel will tell us about the advantages of these models for professionals compared to those for gaming. In the same way that we hope to see the models with higher specifications or at least a preview of them. And it is that there are already several months in which we do not stop seeing delays in the launch of models oriented towards gaming, both in conventional tower computers and on desktops.

Intel Arc Laptop

In any case, we hope to see how the performance of the first models will be, to find out if Intel has fulfilled its duties and the ARC Alchemist for laptops, even if it is in the low range, is a real alternative, which is offered by both NVIDIA and AMD in the present. Has Intel finally removed the curse that has haunted them since the late 90s when it comes to launching graphics hardware and being able to talk face to face with the current duopoly?

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