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Surprise! The RTX 3090 Ti at 300 W is the most efficient graphics

NVIDIA’s latest release has not only brought us the most powerful graphics card yet, but also the most consuming of all. However, the people of the German medium Igor’s Lab have decided to lower the consumption of the RTX 3090 Ti to 300 W through the use of undervolting techniques. What is the performance of the most powerful RTX 30 with limited consumption?

The more than 450 W of consumption of the RTX 3090 Ti make it the graphics card that consumes the most in history. But what happens if we put its limit at 300 W? Well, that is what they have done in an experiment. The result obtained? Well, in terms of efficiency, it has been surprising to say the least. Honestly, we did not expect such a big improvement in the same architecture.

But what is efficiency? Well, the performance that a processor gives to a certain energy consumption. This value is not stable in all of them. However, it is known that as the clock speed is increased more is consumed with each additional upload. In the background, putting the RTX 3090 Ti at 300 W is not something that is a milestone, but it serves to demonstrate how the new model is based on forcing clock speeds as much as possible. At the same time that there are no holds barred in terms of consumption.

RTX 3090 Ti undervolting at 300W, what are the results?

In order to lower the consumption of the RTX 3090 Ti to 300 W, Igor has done an undervolting exercise through MSI Afterburner. Which in turn has lowered the performance to the level of an RTX 3080 Ti, however, if we talk about efficiency, the surprise is the least capital and shows us how NVIDIA has made improvements to its graphics chip. Since even though the frame rates are the same, with the RTX 3080 Ti consumption is 409 Wwhile the RTX 3090 Ti gives the same performance with a consumption of 314 W.


for what we’re talking about a difference of 95 W for the same performance. If we take into account that in theory both graphics cards are based on the same graphics chip or GPU, the GA102, this shows us that NVIDIA has not been idly by and has optimized what is the energy consumption in the RTX 3090 Ti. Also, when compared to a standard overclocked RTX 3090, the new graphics card is 30% more efficient.

With this discovery, the RTX 3090 Ti becomes extremely interesting for miners, who usually lower the clock speed and voltage of the cards to lower their consumption and obtain a better efficiency curve. Are we facing an imminent stock out of the RTX 3090 Ti because of this? Who knows, but it is most likely that after this information, those interested in setting up mining RIGs will be tempted to buy one for their systems after discovering its enormous efficiency.

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