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RX 6500 XT versus GTX 1650, which graphics card to buy?

Not all of us have the capital available to buy a high-end graphics card, even a mid-range one. For the majority of users looking to build a computer, their budget makes them look at the AMD RX 6500 XT or NVIDIA’s GTX 1650. Which, in addition, are usually seen in many OEM equipment and, therefore, already configured as standard. Which of them is better in games?

Currently there are two graphics cards for a retail price of less than 300 euros that will have caught the attention of more than one potential buyer. Which of the two graphics cards is worth more, the AMD RX 6500 XT or the NVIDIA GTX 1650? That is why we have thought of putting them to the test so that they show us what they are capable of and we can choose which of them is the best.

GTX 1650 versus RX 6500 XT

We are faced with two graphics cards of totally different generations, this is seen, for example, in the fact that the RX 6500 XT is has full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate, while the NVIDIA model does not. Therefore, it does not have support for Ray Tracing, Variable Rate Shading, DirectStorage and various technologies. However, since we are talking about low-power GPUs, these additions do not give AMD hardware an advantage, since it cannot execute them with sufficient ease and they are merely testimonial.

The PC with which the different tests have been carried out has the following specifications:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Processor
  • Motherboard with X570 chipset
  • 32 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM with CL16 configured in double module (16 x 2)

Application performance

As is known, some applications use the capabilities of the graphics card to speed up certain functions. Especially those that are image manipulation. Thus, we have cases like Blender or the suite of Adobe applications that gain performance the better the GPU in our PC. We must clarify that in the two tests that you will see below, the time is measured, so the lower results are considered better.

Premiere CC 2021

This test does not help us to really measure the performance of both GPUs, since it is the units in charge of video encoding and decoding that perform this task. In any case, if you are one of those who normally works editing videos on a daily basis, either professionally or as an amateur, then NVIDIA graphics is your best option. Which is no secret, for some time now one of AMD’s pending tasks has been the video codec of its graphics cards.

RX 6500 XT vs GTX 1650


The famous application for creating and compositing 3D scenes also uses your graphics card hardware during scene rendering. In this case, again the NVIDIA graphics card wins the game again, with an additional 11% yield advantage. Let’s not forget that Blender does not make use of DirectX 12 capabilities at any time, but ends up pulling the computation pipeline to execute its corresponding task.

RX 6500 XT vs GTX 1650

3DMark performance

One type of potential user of cheap graphics cards are none other than the so-called Lapsed Gamers, users who don’t play the latest novelties, but rather established classics that appeared years ago and that a PC with modest specifications can run without any problems. The vast majority of these games run under DirectX 11, which is why the Fire Strike benchmark at Full HD resolution is the best option. As can be seen, in this test the winner is the RX 6500 XT.

RX 6500 XT vs GTX 1650

GTX 1650 vs RX 6500 XT, gaming performance

The vast majority of you want to know if you can play the latest games on the market using a GTX 1650 or RX 6500 XT and how they will perform. That’s why we’ve put several high-end graphics games that have come out in recent years to the test, running them at 1080p resolution to see what frame rate they achieve.

AC Valhalla

In this case we have made two comparisons, the first one using the DirectX 12 mode with ultra high quality. The results? As you can see they are quite disappointing in both cases and neither reaches 30 FPS minimum that could be considered acceptable for this type of game, although it is always recommended for any genre to aim for 60 FPS. On the other hand, if the game is executed in medium qualitywe find that the RX 6500 XT can easily reach 67 FPS on average, while the NVIDIA graphics falls short by staying at 54 FPS.

ForzaHorizon 4

The fourth installment of Playground Games’ open world racing game gives you just an additional 3 FPS in DirectX 12 mode and ultra quality. In this case it is a technical tie between the GTX 1650 and the RX 6500 XT.

RX 6500 XT vs GTX 1650

Grand Theft Auto V

The advantage that we have seen in the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark and in general with all games under DirectX 11 can be seen in the successful game from Rockstar Games. The RX 6500 XT slots in smoothly at 106 FPS, beating the GTX 1650 by 29.2%.

RX 6500 XT vs GTX 1650

Rainbow Six Siege

A case very similar to that of Forza Horizon 4, in this case using the Vulkan API we can see different 3 or 4 frames per second in favor of the graphics of the NVIDIA graphics. Although the difference is so low that we can consider it again a draw.

RX 6500 XT vs GTX 1650

Red Dead Redemption 2

Making use of Vulkan as rendering API and with visual quality in ultra we find a technical draw, 37 FPS for both. It is a frame rate in which the game can be played without problems and more so when the console version stays at 30 FPS. In any case, if you are one of those who prefer games to exceed 60 frames per second, then you should place the medium visual quality. The result? The frame rate of the RX 6500 XT goes up to 71 FPSinstead, the GTX 1650 stays at 54.

Flight Simulator 2020

In case you want to take to the skies, then neither of the two graphics cards is the most recommended, since even with the game at medium quality, in no case do they reach 60 FPS as can be seen in the graph. However, we give the RX 6500 XT the point for the fact that with a better CPU it can easily reach that figure and for the fact that it has a 25% advantage in performance.

RX 6500 XT vs GTX 1650


If you’re going to play games, then our recommendation is the AMD RX 6500 XT, where in the vast majority it manages to tie under DX 12 or Vulkan, but it is in games with DX 11 compatibility where said graphics card stands out. And not in vain, we all have a good collection of Steam games that meet these characteristics.

On the other hand, if you are an image or video editing professional and you know that you are not going to use your PC’s graphics card to play games, then NVIDIA graphics is your best option. Although if you have plans for both at the same time, then we have to declare the AMD RX 6500 XT superior to the GTX 1650.

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