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One letter changes everything: be careful when buying cheap NVIDIA cards

Buying a graphics card is not easy, it requires time to research to choose the best one based on our budget. It is possible that when you have been looking for one, you have found that NVIDIA uses two denominations. Well, we are going to explain to you in a simple way the difference between NVIDIA GTX and RTX.

Within the market we can find solutions, for more or less, all pockets. NVIDIA offers a wide variety of graphics cards, but uses two designations for its product lines. Knowing the difference between these graphics cards is important, so as not to acquire something that does not meet any of our requirements.

Not all NVIDIA graphics are created equal

About four years ago, back in late 2018, NVIDIA surprised with graphics cards for ray tracing. This new real-time ray tracing technology adds a new gaming experience. But, this technology has a problem, and that is that it has a high computational cost. It means that with Ray Tracing we will have less FPS, but as a solution NVIDIA introduced DLSSan image rescaling technology that compensates for a large part of the losses.

The news NVIDIA graphics cards with support for Ray Tracing and DLSS, are called GeForce RTX. But in april 2019 the company launched the GTX 16 Series, designed for users with a cheaper budget. Since then, several models of these graphics cards have come out, which can still be purchased today. But do you really know the difference between NVIDIA RTX and GTX graphics cards?

main features nvidia gtx graphics cards

Actually, the fundamental difference is that the RTX graphics cards have dedicated hardware for Ray Tracing and DLSS. The GTX graphics cards lack hardware dedicated these technologies. Theoretically, the GTX 16 Series and GTX 10 Series can run Ray Tracing, yes, with a brutal loss of performance that makes it absurd. The GTX, lacking Tensor Cores, do not have the ability to run NVIDIA DLSS, since it requires these special cores only available in the RTX.

Without this special hardware, the NVIDIA GTX are usually cheaper than RTX. There is another factor, and that is that GTX graphics are based on a worse architecture and manufacturing process than the current NVIDIA RTX 30 Series. This does not mean that they are worse, it means that the manufacturing process is more polished and less is used, so it is cheaper to manufacture them.

main characteristics of nvidia rtx graphics cards

They are ideal for playing in 1080p

maybe really you are not interested in playing with Ray Tracing, you just want to play. What’s more, you may be a fan of games like CS:GO, Fortnite and the like, where FPS matters more than anything else. So you might be interested purchase an NVIDIA GTX 16 Series.

These graphics cards are focused on gaming in 1080p resolution, without decorations. It does not mean that we cannot move modern games like Cyberpunk 2077 or the latest Call of Duty released. We will be able to enjoy any game, but in some cases we will have to adjust the graphic quality a bit to obtain a fluid game.

The good thing is that NVIDIA offers the RTX for those who want Ray Tracing and DLSS, and for those who don’t, it offers the GTX 16 Series. But, it is important that you know the difference between both families of graphs to choose wisely.

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