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NVIDIA’s most powerful graphics card will cost… 2,500 Euros!

There is little left for NVIDIA to finally reveal its RTX 40 and we are at the point where we almost eat our fingers. And it is that every time the green brand presents its new GeForce it hits the table and surprises in technical specifications. Although in the last two generations also in price. The latest rumours? We may have to pay to have an RTX 4090 2,500 euros or more.

The way of pricing in the world of computer components is related to their performance value. If, for example, your graphics card outperforms the competition, then you can sell your product more expensive and get higher margins. These in turn allow you to refer them to the development of the next generation. However, when a new generation appears, what is sought is for the potential consumer to see that they are receiving more for each euro invested in the product, even if there has been a price increase compared to the previous generation.

Will the NVIDIA RTX 4090 cost more than €2,500?

Well, prices are not official and until we see the presentation on the 20th, prices may still vary. However, a few have already appeared. “Placeholders” in several online stores where disparate prices of different custom models are specified. For example, we have a GIGABYTE RTX 4090 Gaming OC with 24GB GDDR6X Memory priced at, 4270 Australian dollarswhich in exchange would be, €2,896. Another card of the same brand has also been leaked, an AORUS, which will cost, 3990 Australian dollarswhat in exchange they would be, €2,706.

Are these prices realistic? About two years ago NVIDIA released the RTX 3090 for €1500 recommending price to the public, we all know what happened with the mining boom. The thing is, if the rumors are true, then the RTX 4090 will double the performance of its direct predecessor. So the price per performance if it were the same would be €3,000 for a rule of three. That is to say, if the prices are confirmed, it should not surprise us and it would be one more way of making it more expensive from one generation to another under the justification of a higher performance per euro.

In any case, with the price inflation that the entire sector is having, this is something that should not surprise us at all. In any case, everything indicates that the RTX 4090 for more than 2,500 euros will be the top of the range and that we will see graphics cards with trimmed versions of the AD102 chip that will appear at lower prices over the next two years.

First images of a 4090 custom

Without leaving the future NVIDIA Halo product, we are going to focus on custom or personalized cards. That is, those that are not sold by NVIDIA directly, but are built by other manufacturers under common specifications. Well, the first of them has been leaked coming off the assembly line and it is a Zotac modelwhere you can see box and everything.

The price of this model has not been leaked, but the images show a large graphics card, in the style of the 3090 and 3090 Ti, which should not surprise us, since we have known for a long time what will make use of the new 12+4 pin connector and that its consumption will be above 450 W, like the current top of the NVIDIA range. And we are not just saying it, you just have to see the height of the cards in the photos, which means a larger fan without increasing its diameter and thus the width of the card.

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