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NVIDIA says they have produced more graphics cards and will lower prices

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PC sales skyrocketed, but that time has passed. Sales of computers, whether clones, laptops or custom, have fallen dramatically. Something that has caused NVIDIA to have a brutal excess stock of RTX 30 Series on the verge of launching the RTX 40 Series graphics cards.

The first thing that will come to mind is Ethereum mining, but it is not the only factor in the equation. Intel, AMD and Apple are selling much less, which is a clear indication of what is happening. COVID inflated the market and after that event, things are getting back to normal.

Drop prices to release hardware

Get a graphics cardfor many months, has been a true Utopia. We have seen how some models were sold up to x3 times more than the recommended or normal price. For months there was speculation about graphics cards, but that time is over and we are in the opposite case.

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIAduring the presentation of the company’s accounts, said that prices will go down. He wanted to make it clear that they are not going to “give away” their graphics cards, but they will cut prices a lot. As she has highlighted, they will lower it by below the recommended priceto speed up your departure before the arrival of the RTX 40 Series.

nvidia rtx 3080 graphics card

Our strategy is to sell well below current direct sales levels in the market to give the channel a chance to correct. We’ll do it for a couple of quarters or so.

The data shows how the company has sunk in sales in the consumer segmentCome on, gaming graphics cards. Where the company shows positive data is the professional segment, achieving an increase in sales.

He also wanted to make it clear that the sales have increased by 70% compared to 2020. So it is not that the company is in crisis, simply the market has changed. What has been missing, as always, is a lack of foresight on the part of the company. It was clear that the market would normalize sooner rather than later and they have manufactured more graphics than necessary.

nvidia gaming rtx 30 series graphics cards

The RTX 40 Series knock on the door

Huang has also made it clear that new NVIDIA graphics cards will be released in September. These new RTX 40 Series they should offer a big jump in performance over current models. But at the moment everything is rumors and information, in many cases, contradictory.

Due to the current situation of excess RTX 30 Series graphics cards, it would not be ruled out that the RTX 40 Series were absurdly crass. Already the RTX 3090 have an MSRP of 1,500 euros and the RTX 3080 an MSRP of 1,000 euros, totally surreal prices. Some rumors suggest that the RTX 4090 could be around 2,000 euros, so we are going to a meaningless hardware market.

But of course, all this is cabal according to rumors and the latest move made by the company. Then, we will have to see if all this becomes reality or has been a little (or a lot) of smoke.

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