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NVIDIA and AMD graphics will be more expensive in 2023 by TSMC

This year 2022 is not being objectively speaking, not good at all. The only good news in the world of hardware for now is the gradual and progressive decline in the price of graphics cards and, if anything, the new product introductions. Next year will have the second commented attraction on the rise, but as far as prices are concerned… It will be much worse, at least according to TSMC, because both the graphics cards Like the processors that they manufacture will be more expensive in 2023.

We are not going to talk about inflation here, but it is clear that everything is more expensive, salaries do not rise and now companies see a new blow coming that they are going to alleviate by doing the same: raising prices. But the TSMC thing is another matter because said rise not exactly the first.

Graphics and CPUs will be more expensive in 2023 by TSMC

The pandemic and the rise in inflation, together with the needs of manufacturers and their haste, made the leading company in the manufacture of wafers and with it chips make a quantitative leap in its prices, which we have already seen reflected.

The new reports indicate that TSMC is not only planning a new assault on the pockets of companies and users, but that it has already communicated its plans for 2023 to many of them.

Mark Liu TSMC

This would have been done to give companies time to organize their structures, marketing and balance their accounts over time, where the numbers offered are quite brief and not at all precise.

The price increase varies depending on the chosen node and obviously the most advanced ones will have the highest increases. Therefore, and according to what has been known, the new processors from AMD and Apple, as well as the graphics cards from the red team and NVIDIA will have an increase in between 5% and 8% on your chips.

Four consecutive price increases in 3 years

The Taiwanese know their dominant position in the market and the need for the Big Four to stay in the innovation game. But this, as we have seen, will come at a high price for both users and TSMC itself. And it is that the company’s forecasts for the investment and creation of its new FABs with their corresponding high-tech and robotic equipment have skyrocketed.

Between $40 billion and $44 billion will be spent this year alone, so the price increase for the investment fit isn’t really big (thankfully). Let’s remember what happened last year where in one fell swoop TSMC announced a 20% raise.


This policy is being followed by everyone, except for Intel, which is mitigating the blow and assuming the losses as a company (at least for now), but if we look at the rest of the chip manufacturers as UMC or SMIC in China, Samsung in South Koreathe policies in this regard are similar.

And it is that they have all raised prices or directly removed the volume discounts that they were doing to certain nodes in the past. What we are clear about is that 2023 is not going to be better than 2022 in terms of prices and possibly not in terms of stock either, yes, there will be no shortage of CEO statements saying that their companies have broken revenue recordsat least those that are chip manufacturers, the rest… They may not be so lucky.

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