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Intel delays the launch of its ARC graphics, indefinitely?

It seems that Intel has entered the so-called “groundhog day” because there are no steps forward or backward regarding its ARC graphics, those that are as expected as desired and of which we have new information today. And it is that the blue giant shows no signs of life after the announcement of the laptop versions and the new leaks do not exactly put the options that those of Pat Gelsinger have, where there would be a possible date, but also the option of postponing them indefinitely until solve the problems. Because the Intel ARC Alchemist they have new delays?

Three delays and after them the silence, this is how Intel has proposed it and this is how it is doing it because it is aware that the problems may not have a solution soon, not at least if what you want your cover letter to be on a global level is up to or at least a good level. Are we facing another delay or something more serious?

The new deadline: late summer this year, is it realistic?

These graphics cards that are direct descendants of the high-performance versions for servers and data centers, also known as HPG Curiously, they do not have a presentation date, but they do have a date of arrival in stores. Queer? Well, quite a lot without a doubt, but Intel seems to have changed the focus because showing them to the world does not seem to be a problem, instead the fact that they perform what they should and here everything turns.


Once again and for the second time so far this year, the sources allude to a specific problem: poor performance of ARC graphics due to driver problems. This prevents giving a specific date on the one hand, but… On the other Intel announced the arrival of the ARC Limited Edition: end of the second quarter of the year.

In other words, up to August 31 as deadline. Is this date realistic? Well, considering that we are talking about software as complex as a driver, we cannot give an answer, although we do know what is happening around all this.

Assemblers would be upset with Intel ARCs and delays

It is not for less. Currently these must already have their custom models in the chamber and seen what has been seen, it is more than likely that they have stopped a production that logically has a large investment behind it. Intel has not offered them any date, which shows the problems, but as if that were not enough, we are seeing and living it today, because where are the ARC A350M and A370M?

They just aren’t on the market, you can’t find them because there are no products available in quantity or form.

Intel Arc OEM Manufacturers

We can only think that Pat Gelsinger found a very serious problem in the drivers or in the whole of these with the architecture, they thought they could solve it quickly, they went ahead with the presentation of the ARC for laptops and then the reality and the delays that we have mentioned.

All this generates not only doubts, but also a major problem, since the RTX 40 and RX 7000 are just around the corner and time is running out. Could there be an indefinite delay? A total cancellation? No, unless hecatomb this will not happen. The problem is that we don’t know how far down the rabbit hole to deny this outright…

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