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ASUS renews its Tweak III GPU and raffles an NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti

ASUS just released the version 15.0.0 of your GPU Tweak III. The new version with an improved interface of its application to be able to configure our gaming graphics card and get the most out of it. Since it allows us to manipulate certain parameters of the graph specifications in real time. It is also an excellent tool that will also allow us to monitor the performance of the graphics card in real time.

One of the particularities of modern graphics cards is the ability we have to vary parameters such as the voltage used, the clock speed of the graphics chip and memory, etc. in real time and through certain applications. These programs also allow us to manipulate additional elements such as limiting the power extracted from the PCI Express connector, the speed of the fans, etc. So they are ideal not only to get the most out of our GPU, but also to be able to configure them for unusual systems.

GPU Tweak III revamps interface is optimized for NVIDIA GPUs

Apart from one improved graphical interfacethe biggest change that ASUS has added to its program is that it can now monitor two values ​​on NVIDIA GPUs. These are FPS Metric Y Render Present Latency. What are they for? Well, they give real-time information about the time it takes for the graphics chip to generate a frame. Which is useful to measure the performance of this when you are doing heavy work. That is, running a benchmark or a video game that requires the maximum possible power.


This means that if we are varying the different parameters to get the exact point between consumption and raw performance, then we can more easily find which is the best configuration for our graphics card. Since it will be the GPU itself that will inform the application at the exact moment in which it has finished writing the frame in the image buffer of the video memory.

Support for various graphics, ideal for mounting a mining RIG.

Another change is that now if our system uses a multi-GPU configuration, now we can manipulate the parameters of each of them. These types of configurations are not common in games, but in applications that use graphics cards for pure computing. Cryptocurrency mining being the first that comes to mind.

Let’s not forget that to obtain the highest possible performance when setting up a system of this type, it is necessary to touch a series of parameters of the graphics card to which GPU Tweak III has direct access. So you can find the perfect point between the power consumed and the mining ratio. However, the application does not measure the last aspect, so you must have a mining program running at the same time and use the values ​​of both.

You can win an RTX 3090 Ti or a 1000 W power supply from ASUS

At the same time and as a promotional event for the launch of the renewed GPU Tweak III you can access a contest what the people at ASUS are doing. Where draw an impressive ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3090 Ti with liquid cooling. A TUF Gaming RTX 3080 Ti or a 1000W ROG Thor power supply, among many other prizes.

GPU Tweak III Contest

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