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Afraid your new NVIDIA graphics will burn out? This will help you

The controversy of the RTX 4090 that burn, well, its power connector, continues and what before seemed like a minor problem for a select few, has become over the days into something much bigger. The last of all? NVIDIA contacting custom graphics card manufacturers to try and fix the issue for their latest release. At the same time We give you a solution that can help you avoid the problem.

Being what is usually said an early adopter or early buyer does not usually pay well, although you have the latest generation product, you also become a kind of guinea pig. Since every product in its successive relaunches and editions ends up being polished in successive versions of it. And we are not referring to a product with better specifications, but new shipments of it. Not in vain, NVIDIA has already given us these scares before, such as: failures in the fans of the GTX 1080, the memories that died in the RTX 2080 / RTX 2080 Ti in some models or the sudden deaths of the first models of the RTX 3080/3090. Reality? Nobody remembers it anymore.

NVIDIA’s solution to the burning connector of the RTX 4090

Well, it seems that NVIDIA’s solution has been to tell custom card manufacturers to collect all RTX 4090 with the power connector fused and send them directly to their headquarters. Which indicates that the problem is much bigger than it seems at first glance and it is not something trivial. Let’s not forget that the designer of the GeForce RTX publishes a series of specifications for his partners so that they can make custom models with the same GPU and video memory as the Founders Edition, but with a different PCB design.

RTX 4090 Power Connector Burned

In other words, it is a problem that could come from a flaw in the product specification or a misunderstanding. In any case, this is a precedent for them, since they do not usually do these things regularly. What’s more, some experts in the sector affirm that the problem would not be in the way in which the cables are bent,ino in the adapter of the RTX 4090, which would be of poor quality. At the moment we are still waiting to see the answer, but everything indicates that the RTX 4090 could have a relaunch in a few weeks with the problem already corrected.

The temporary solution? Limit the power consumed.

At the same time, and to avoid the problem of the RTX 4090 burning out, many users of NVIDIA’s new top graphics card have come up with the idea of ​​limiting the maximum power that it can consume. By this we are not referring to an exercise in manipulating the voltage, but rather the current and that can be done from the graphics card configuration. That is, lower the number of watts of consumption in exchange for not making a drop or rise in voltage. The reason to do it if performance is lost? Not wanting to sacrifice a component of more than 2000 euros while the solution to the problem is found. In any case, you do not lose as much performance as you think.

Limiting the maximum power that the graphics card to a maximum of 80% of the totalthe mean number of frames per second on average not drop more than 5%. Remember that in our analysis of the RTX 4090 we were able to verify that total consumption is 450 W. Let’s not forget that 80% of 450 W is 360 Wwhich shows that NVIDIA could have perfectly done an RTX 4090 with a double 8-pin connector and without the 12VHPWRsomething that AMD has announced that it will do

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